I am Hyde I will give you an respond ask me a question for 10 keys


Ask me if you dare 10 keys = a question from you


Are you… In love with @ToiletWraith Hyde?!



I only count 9 keys though.


No if I was I would not be telling you now I want my 10 keys


I don’t think this belongs in the general thread.


Oy dis here’s an imposter.

There’s barely an accent in that post.

[String of cursing redacted for fear of moderation]


Why would Hyde type in an accent? I’m sure he types like everyone else though you can’t be sure with him.


Well, there would be the obvious spelling and grammar errors, along with the numerous words and phrases most people don’t use, along with, as @Prudii said, strings of profanity.


Have you heard him speak doe?

Ay, he does indeed speak like a sailor that happens to be an aussie.

Plus laik, big mobs of cursing mate.

Dis here’s bodgy, cut a snake.


Are you the REAL hyde? :tara_knows:


All of you are blasphemous. The one true Hyde is a being of tremendous spiritual essense and has the charisma of a golden god. None of you posses the fortitude, nigh the wit to compare yourself to Hyde our Lord and Savior. Go melt your own faces for the treason of your words. :wink:


Who’s Gregory Peck?


He’s English not Australian.


He’s an old Hollywood actor.


The real Question is :
Why did Hyde has a Emet Profile Pic ? O.O


the REAL real question is, why doesn’t everyone.


How will ur Adaptation looks like ?

just the real Hyde or TRS know it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like Hyde would text in crayon…


Ooh! Pick me! I try to write like Hyde sometimes!



(Face palm)