I am done with skirmish


I have given up on skirmish because on the leave you lose system I think if your monster or hunter as long as you don’t do any damage to anything when you take over the bot and leave it should not count as a loss and until they add that never am I playing skirmish ever again





best.reply.ever. XD


I can top that


K <Don’t ban me pls ;-;




Wheres the punctuation. You got the capitalization right but the punctuation is the soul of the sentence.


I can top that.


yeah. i dont want to play hunter. might check out my w/l ratio…


I started a trend yesssssssssssss :smiley:


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I think it works fine as it is. If you haven’t been given the class you want when you join a game in progress, just stick that game out and you are quite likely to have your first choice in the next game. You just have to be patient sometimes.


Ok enough being a bad person, I really don’t understand the problem, why not just stay?
Ok, you didn’t get your preferred role, but is it really that bad? I’m probably the worst Medic in the history of medics (I can’t even play EZ mode Caira ;-:wink: but I still stay since
A. It doesn’t count if I lose
B. If I win, free wins :smile:
C. Guess what? After the match is over, theres an excellent chance I’ll get my preferred role :blush:
Its fine as is yo (although better MM would be optimal)


Well if you lose anyway then what does it matter if you stayed?


Lol on topic thought I back out on the character select if I don’t get Monster and if I get an in progress game I stay and finish since it doesn’t count as a loss and then I hopefully get Monster next game.


<Leaders and mods, I’m sorry, I started something terrible and can’t end it ;-;



Where’s your patience meme?


Because you will already be in a group so it means 1) Less waiting. 2) You will be able to choose your character and perks. 3) You will be in a game from the start.