I am confused by some forum rules?


So I saw @niaccurshi close a thread earlier because it was old and there was a more current one. So are we not supposed to resurrect old threads? Or are we supposed to do that in the place of starting a new one? It has me confused because I started a thread last week that got merged with a thread that hadn’t been posted in since Jan (4 months) and it had more posts than the thread it got merged into. I am just confused. Not salty confused. Regular style.


Bumping threads is fine as long as the bump is on topic. For example reviving a thirteen day old topic about Behemoth to say “Crow is hawt” is not acceptable. Reviving it to say “Behemoth is weak at the moment because raisins” is fine. :slight_smile:


In general we’ll try to merge threads together to keep only one thread on a topic going at a time, and pay respect to the older one being there first. Right now I’m personally having some issues with being able to merge threads otherwise I would have done the same as we usually do!

Edit: There is no hard and fast rule on bumping old threads, how they get dealt with, or how multiple threads on the same topic get dealt with… we generally do what seems to be the best route at the time, sometimes it’s a grey area and could have gone either way. Always happy to hear how people would prefer the forum to be kept tidy though, if you have thoughts?


Taking this as evidence.

But yeah these guys have already said it, they try to merge threads to keep everything tidy. :3


Noted. Will proceed to shove down throat in the future.

That and I got confused as of late, too, since one of my old threads got merged into a general thread even though it wasn’t active for over five moths. Yes, that old. I have a feeling that @niaccurshi went a bit crazy there :smile:


Five moths? That’s crazy talk!


If I merged that thread it was either in an effort of being MEGA tidy, or more likely someone decided to necro it while I was browsing :smile:


Scratch that, was the cow, you merged something else! See? I’m confused as heck.

Was actually more than five months old tho. December 14th.


Sometimes I get that urge.






Cow is chief re-orderer


I think it was me, but I did it for the same reasons most like.


And here we see leaders gathering at their natural habitat
The pack seem to be plotting and discussing their actions and plans


I read that in an Australian accent.

Seems very interesting…


Crow is hawt doe


An example of just making a new thread is when there is a thread that is outdated due to balance or patching. For instance, some several old Val is weak threads which have since had updates to change her position in the game. The original comments were with regards to a different version of the game.


Thanks for the info y’all!