I am conflicted between a decision



I have two ideas for custom stories, one being Doom, the other being Star Wars.

which one should I use? please leave a comment, I haz writers block


Depends on the context. Action would fit much better in a Doom setting, while the Star Wars universe is set up better for heavy story-telling.


the star wars idea is a evolve crossover, but I’m not so sure about it.

meanwhile, the doom one was a mix between an evolve crossover or not, so 3 ideas?


Evolve/Star Wars would make no sense. Star Wars takes place in the past and a different galaxy. I mean, time travel mumbo jumbo could work, but would be confusing IMO. It would have to be written really well to not be odd.

Doom/Evolve might work because that’s at least in the Sci-Fi future, without going TOO far. Might have to fast-forward the Doom universe a bit, though. From my knowledge, they hadn’t colonized much of the solar system, let alone extended into the other arms of the galaxy.


it was never supposed to make sense, it just took a role like it was…always there.


What about the Monsters being the Sith and the Jedi being the Hunters?


Well then you’re absolutely fine.


I see you really like the idea.


that would be cool actually…

but wasn’t the idea, it was more the SW universe colliding with the Evolve universe and more or less galactic empire attacking Shear with the hunters and the rebels defending. The monsters have no place in the story, and the hunters were thrown on Shear was because of Nordita having a crazy idea to use an elite crew of planet tamers to hold off an attack if the rest of Shear’s defenses fell. Crazy? yes. Dumb? yes. But it was actually really good in it’s prototype stages.


Well only the stories we have been told of Star Wars are from the past. The Star Wars universe doesn’t just end. :stuck_out_tongue:
So theoretically the Star Wars universe could cross with Evolve. It would just be very far into future of what we know of Star Wars.

Things like light sabers would be a relic of the past and probably lost tech. Something far more futuristic could have taken its place. Maybe they wouldn’t all dress like homeless monks anymore as fashion has had thousands of years to advance and so on.

Edit: Why does Star Wars have to be long ago? That part never made sense to me. Its in a whole different galaxy that somehow also evolved humans and way more advanced lifeforms. Theoretically their universe is ours so Luke with enough time could travel to earth even.


why not doom star wars and evolve


I want to see Monsters fight the demons from Doom. I’d be fine with a SW one, but I prefer Doom.


it was more Doomguy vs. monsters, would be very gory (chainsaw off a goliath’s arm and then his head.)


Well, I do like gory.

I’d go with the one with the best story options, but that’s just my preference of writing large, complicated stories


Doom will provide better short term viewership. Its a popular title atm, so if you’re looking for people to view it, have it done before doom is released.