I agree with only 3 deployables, except for Griffin


I agree that only letting hunters have 3 deployables , except for griffon. Ive played griff since forever now, and tbh I was fine with his with a smaller radius on his spikes. His power is a late game shut down of where to run and hide, hes gotta go set the spikes, now on larger maps hes not going to be nearly as good… Give griff back his 5 spikes, even if you gotta cut down the radius


His sound spikes got a major radius buff.

Changed category to Trapper


I see where you are coming from, but maybe we should wait for the update to go live before requesting changes.

Also did you mean ‘3 deployables’ in the title. :wink:

Edit: I see the title has already been corrected. :smile:


If you didnt know, they gave a huge buff to all of the deployables that you can only place 3 of. Griffin’s sound spikes have a HUGE radius now, theyre going to be even better than before.


true, griffin was fine with his deployable set. I understand consistency was the drive for the 5 to 3 move but each character is different. They all don’t have to be bounded by the 3 deployable rule.


u must not have read my post, his spikes were fine being small, larger ones don’t help, good griffs didn’t need them enlarged the 1st time, now ur taking away his ability to shut a large map down, especially for a sneaking monster


Consistency wasnt even the reason they changed it to 3, it was because 5 at once can be stressful. Besides, the radius of the spikes is getting a huge buff, so they will be just as good if not better.


u must not play him well…


The thing is, they can shut down a large map just as good. You can easily split a map in half with maybe even two of them.


What are you even talking about? This has nothing to do with player skill, its just the way they changed it.


your crazy if you think soundspike placement doesn’t have any skill to it. Which sends home the point u must not play him on a regular basis, hes my main hunter I play… very few ppl use him like he can be used…

its only gonna strengthen Maggie as a trapper, because its gonna be easier to sneak against him…


at one point I was top 10 on leaderboards with him, but I quit playing for several months, been playing wraith lately, because I find it hard to find a quality hunter team on x1


I didnt even say anything about placement not being important… lol. Although, it may start to matter a bit less woth 3, since you are going to be able to block pathways with a single one easier.


no to be a jerk or anything but where have you been lately? one of the most used comps right now is val/sunny/grif so many people definitely play him. as much as i like him since he was my first elited character i do think we need to try it out a couple of times before we can really judge, who knows maybe this change will taste like green eggs and ham?


They do actually. A deployable is a deployable. Not matter how you look at it.


I don’t care about the size of a spike, when I play him, a sneaking monster just got a major buff against him. its about cutting off roadways within a map


How big is the radius going to be exactly? And how big is it currently?


60 increased to 77 so about 80.
don’t know if the sneak radius will be getting an increase as well.
Just know that when one of the 3 are destroyed, you will lose 1/3rd of your tracking capability.


it ok, my wraith play just got a major buff imo,

griff is my 2nd most feared trapper for sneaking, second to Maggie. Maggie is good for early game but griff comes into him own late in game, a good griff doenst get all his spikes down for 5 to 10 minutes. it really sux when u got a monster that hunts down and kills spikes


yup, griff was hurt most by the deployable adjustment