I agree with everyone


Nerf everything. Leave nothing behind. Make it so Goliath’s rock does 10 damage instead of what it does now. It’ll make it fair to players who lag when they jetpack dodge.

Nerf the wraiths mobility. It’ll make up for the people who don’t know how to play. Thus making the game better.

Nerf hank.

Nerf Cabbage.
His damage amp when shot at the same time as his rail gun is op. Why he get 2 weps anyways. He’s a cabbage.

Nerf Parnella.
Rocket launchers are too op and hurt. Must fix.

Nerf carnivorous plants. Their pounce range is too high.

Nerf Life. It’s going by too fast.

Nerf nerf guns. Bullets do too much damage.

Nerf Las. His medgun is op.

Nerf Daisy. Her attacks do too much damage. Especially when she uses her wraith like ability and turns into 6 aggressive daisy’s that attack the hunters to buff them.

Nerf Potatoes. Skin is too much. Only want inside.

Nerf forums. OP.

Nerf this thread. Too many letters do too much damage.



People asking for nerfs in a new game are as predictable as people making threads scolding people for asking for nerfs.

You have done well fulfilling your role.


I’m agreeing with everyone. Get your facts straight.


Nerf Smurfs they’re too blue… Nerf Footballs- oh wait


Pls nerf Hyde. His name makes him hard to find.


Nerf @Vindelisal, he has this uncanny ability to make me smile, even if he doesn’t mean to. I like this thread. Keep it up.