I actually just did this!


Got domed stage 2. Threw up rock wall, evolved behind it, and wiped the whole team!

Holy shit! So exciting!


You’re a god. That thing lasted 10 seconds? How many stars did you put into it?
Questions questions questionsgfsg


No, but it lasted most of it. Three points!


Knew it.

Still pretty cash money though.
Cash. Munny.


I wanna know…what was your perk?


Damage resistance.

ETA: And I’m not that good. He’s just fucking awesome is you play him right!




I think you meant if people play badly. A no armor Behemoth dies in 20 seconds (actually I’m doubting he could even last 20 full seconds) if people know how to aim. Not to be an ass or anything but you got really lucky going against bad people.


More than likely. I did have strikes on three of them already. And I roll around in combat. It isn’t like the streams where the dudes just sit there and eat bullets.


Oh, good note!

And awesomely bold move! Where did you pull off this feat of raw bravado?


You couldnt just say “good job”?


I’m going to point out that it was a massive fluke. Anyone can do anything incredible when the people they play against are awful. It was a good play by him to wall, but any competent team would have absolutely destroyedh im for evolving like that.


You know, i remember a post you made a while back. You used Griffin’s harpoon to make sure the wraith was captured in the dome. I give props where props are due. It was smart of you to do that.

Nonetheless, you really went out of your way to tell people “Look at me, and what I did. Im awesome. worship me on twitch!” So saying that this guy pulled this off only because he was up against a terrible team sound to me like “I wish I would have thought of it first”.

Regardless of the hunter team’s skills, he did some quick thinking, evaluated the situation, he took a risk, and won the fight. Dont belittle his accomplishment.


I didn’t go out of my way. People cried about Wraith being unkillable, unstoppable, unfightable, and uncapturable. I said, and provided videos to counter all of those. I very highly doubt many people would disagree here when I say that he won because the hunters he was fighting were bad. Evolving in front of an entire hunter team in a dome is death.


You’re being rude.

Who cares about anything except that he won? Let him have his victory march.


When you say things like “He’s fucking awesome when you play him right.” In the same paragraph as “I evolved in a dome with the 4 hunters” yeah there’s something not connecting between those two points. Sorry I was able to point that out.


I forgive you.


I understand where you’re coming from and he could have taken MASSIVE damage from evolving but guess what. HE DIDN’T. You don’t know those hunters. You don’t know that dome. You don’t know his life. What if he was able to completely separate himself from the hunters while still remaining in the dome with them, managed to buy himself some time by using rock wall and taking a small amount of damage at the end of his evolution.

TL DR: You weren’t there so how would you know.


You’re taking an awesome victory from him, man. Just let it go, not that important.


It’s hard for it to result in an instant loss when A) level 3 rock wall was used as a barrier and B) the hunter comp wasn’t listed…

I would say that the hunters had a lack of skill if they didn’t jump the wall to deal damage even faster, but he was still evolving by the time the wall broke so they still got some damage in.

Don’t just assume that “they’re bad”. They just didn’t think their way around it mid-combat. That’s like judging a fish for being unable to climb a tree (:

@WidowMakerSCOUT good job!!