I absolutely hate it


Please stop letting me take over monsters this actually very frustrating. EVERY time I evolve to stage two I have no points in anything… So I evolve back to stage 1 what the f? So much time wasted.


That’s a bug. I’ve had it only happen once for me. Once I take over bots, for some reason it now works just fine.


I took over a bot Kraken last night that had Aftershock and Lightning Strike. When I evolved to Stage 2 I lost both of those and only had 3 points to put into the skills. So basically I was a stage 2 Kraken with stage 1 abilities. Wasn’t fun, but is a known bug. I’m pretty sure there will be a fix for this since it’s been reported a few times now.


this happened to me when I played goly, had leap, rockthrow and charge at stage 1, evolved to stage 2, took flamebreath to max. then noticed flame breath is the only thing I have…
too bad game ended before I could try what happens when the bug occurs and you evolve to stage 3.


Happened to me, but I noticed the bug beforeI evolved . Set charge and leapsmash to run lol
I got to lvl 3 and it gave me 6 points to spend.


ah, so it kind of “fixed” itself. Good to know if it happens again.


I guess it fixed its self, never had it happen to me again so I can’t say with confidence it will work again.
I don’t even want to test it. I camev in that game at 1 health bar and pulled out a win. Ive never smoked so many cigarettes in 10min.


This has happened to me on numerous occasions, i.e. you level up to stage 2, have 0 points in skills from stage 1 and 3 points to distribute, but then you level up to stage 3 and have 6 points to distribute (totaling 9).