I <3 pokemon


So i just recently got back into Pokemon anyone else? It has been years since since I’ve played Pokemon and since im no longer a stupid ten year old im good at it and i love it. Wrecking noobs just ah grinding those lvl’s just


Love going back to red on on a emulator.


what did I just watch…

As for OP’s post, I never stopped playing pokemon, I currently have about 714 pokemon, and with the mythical pokemon they are giving away every month, ill have them all :stuck_out_tongue:

All im waiting for is for Sun and Moon, collect the new ones and then start thinking about building a competitive team. If you are into competitive stuff, sites like smogon, bulbapedia, team magma teambuilder (very handy) might be interesting to look it.


Pokemon Black and White was worse.


SoulSilver is the best Pokemon game ever. Just thought I’d drop in and say that.

But Team Rocket will always have a special place in my heart.



I restarted my Omega Ruby game last night! :smiley: Also own White and X! :slight_smile: