Hypothetical future Support Class Ability Speculation


##Please note that there is no move to remove Cloak from Support classes in Title Update 9

So it seems TRS has been testing out different Support CA’s(class ability). Currently they have the Team Cloak which has been deemed too toxic by GentlemanSquirl at the very least.

In early development, the support CA was the orbital barrage. I don’t know why they changed it but they did. I would rather keep my inconsistent cloak than have an orbital barrage but there are still a lot of other options, we just got to think of them!

Here’s a list of ideas I thought the new CA(which might or might not change) could be:

  • Orbital Barrage(Hanks keep cloak)
  • Shield Drone(Sunny keeps cloak)
  • Damage Resistance Field
  • Phantom Field(hunters can pass through objects or entities)
  • Team Shield(like a big personal shield)
  • Damage Multiplier Field
  • Acceleration Field(Laz has a shared ability so Caira could too)
  • Jetpack Recharge Field
  • Reload Speed Field

So that’s all I could think of. Comment any ideas if you got any.


I’m thinking Jetpack Field.


I’m thinking things are gonna get really ugly really quick if they change the support Class Ability.


Agreed with @Lerneros, if they start tinkering with basic functions like that then things can get very ugly very quickly. Changing the basic formula of things is very dangerous.

Also, mind explaining how Support cloaks have been deemed “inconsistent”?


Sometimes the foundations need to change to build a stronger house. I hope they don’t shy away from doing what is right for the game and how fun it is to play for both sides just because it is a controversial change. No matter which way they lean, I’m sure they’ll figure out what is best.


Just looked through the Dev posts and found nothing on “inconsistency”. I guess I shoved words into the Devs mouths there :sweat_smile:. I’ll edit the OP because what the Devs did say was it had toxicity and accessibility problems.

Personally I find it inconsistent at different levels of play and vs. different monsters. A good Meteor Goliath for example practically ignores cloaks while a normal Goliath might struggle more. Lower level monster that don’t sniff tracks or look for kicked up dust or jetpack have more trouble with cloaks too.


A damage resistance field would be nice, or even temporary invincibility when grouped together. Reducing the hunters damage at the same time or leaving it the same, either way.


How about we just don’t mess with Support class ability and leave it alone, cloaks I think are pretty balanced when talking about gameplay


###A bit off-topic but also a bit relevant.

Okay, so, if you say inconsistent and they say toxicity and accessibility problems so much so that they are thinking of reworking something like a basic support function then how about they rework spore clouds for Godssake.

Seriously, cloaks are pretty fine, I mean logically I don’t get how a cloak prevents you from being smelled but hey, but things like spores which have terrible toxicity and accessibility from both viewpoints, to my knowledge isn’t being looked at… Just, why. I’m forced to ask just why.

Whatever, I’m completely against the notion of changing a class ability but I have no say in the matter. This is my opinion, I’m sticking to it, and that’s all I really can say on the subject.


You have a point. I’d take it to the “BerB” thread though. That’s where the original mention of changing support CA is.

I just don’t see why they don’t keep the cloak and make it work consistently(in other words it would cloak footprints, kicked up dirt, water ripples, flames, and jetpack, then maybe reduce duration or increase CD) and then add the new support CA as an adaptation CA.

I don’t know. The idea of cloaking to me is fine(I don’t think it’s toxic), I just don’t like its inconsistencies.
I think to keep a team healed and the monster spored takes a lot of skill now. Again I wouldn’t say spores are toxic but rather just inconsistent on how they affect players. Though it doesn’t go as far as having counters built into the game. So I don’t really see cloaks and spores on the same level of inconsistency, but they for sure don’t hinder most players equally(i.e. cloaks are more powerful in most cases). But you have a point; take it to the Devs.

So back on topic…

So a team shield lol?

But yeah I think my favorites would be JP Field or DR Field. Jetpack might be just as inconsistent though because low levels don’t dodge properly but at least it wouldn’t be toxic. Damage Resistance would just be fun I feel and would work with offensive supports that need to get in close for damage and defensive supports that need to stay alive to keep the medic up. It also would help keep teammates alive in both cases of course.


It will not change the fact that they are not gonna change it

I am all for the class ability change . My suggestion : offensive support should have a better utility than defensive support

Hank normally fights on top . And can shield within 60 meters . He can use orbital to protect himself … sunny has a better cloak because the shield can protect her self … defensive support have safe distance

Cabot (35 meters) to use the damage comb - Bucket has to be close … they can’t protect themselves . They have to be close to do damage . That’s put them in danger . Class ability can compensate .

Assault shield - Trapper mobile arena . Are pretty standards . But for medic - support must have a variety depend on what they bring to the table . And what they need to make them useful

Developers said its going to be really really good . All changes made so far were great . Let’s wait and see what will come up in 9.0

Spore cloud . Oh please . It’s useless against good monsters . Although it has some variables like how often do you play against slim . Television size .

If you have trouble just use 1 traversal .you can avoid it’s effect

Slim healing potential is supper strong . Spores will reduce his healing . So it’s risky move . Monster can see the targets (only HUD is gone)


Spore clouds are also being looked into.


He’s now gonna give you all the likes and make you an appreciation thread. /jokes

I can’t wait for the new changes, I hate Slim’s spore clouds as much as the next guy. (As a Monster.)


Well I use that as a primary example as that is subjectively one of the most hated abilities in the game from both sides of the argument for being either way too effective or way too ineffective, either way it’s an ability that’s needed changes from the start yet either has been refused to change or people refuse to believe it will.

I mean, that’s again, just a primary example, things like Rogue Val’s heal burst proves that they’re not afraid to mess with the formula but it is very risky.

I sent a PM to Gentleman and asked to start a discussion on this matter, I also requested that he add whomever else is in-charge of such things so if you are I look forward to whatever discussion we may have if he adds you.


Without even knowing what its replacement might be?


Yes because it’s a change to one of the most basic functions of the game. That’s like saying that they’re changing all heal bursts to be more like Rogue Val’s, some it would work for some it really really wouldn’t.

I’d rather some sort of change that still gives the cloaking effect to make it less “toxic” and “accessible” rather than change it. It’s too much of a risk to change it in my eyes and given multiple other variables I do not feel it should be made. Perhaps make them like heal bursts where they all have different sort of ranges, intensities, etc.

I’m just thoroughly against changing it to be a different ability as it changes waaaay too many things, including marketing.


So lava bomb, spore clouds, decoy, the lazarus device and 5 characters abilities are (probably) all getting serious reworks soon? This is gonna get quite unpleasent fast.


I welcome all these changes.

Keeps games from getting stale after all.


yeah I’d enjoy it for this reason. But I’d always miss the cloak. If it’s for the best though I’m all for it.


I’m okay with any changes at this point. Anything for a little variety.

I personally think that the Cloak is simultaneously the most inconsistent and annoying CA out of all of them, and it’s the CA I’d be least opposed to TRS reworking. :smiley_cat: