Hype train is over, devs are gone?


I’m sure they are hard at work behind the scenes, but still…

Me and my fiance often argue about game studios and often talk about how they interact with community. Up until release I was able to win argument that TR are the kings of the hill, now I’m losing extra hard because of the stark change. Please help.


The devs are here all-righty, MacMan ( which im not sure is a dev ) posted the behemoth image on the rock wall, it looks awesome.

There is also a Dev Tracker option for u to check what the developers had posted recently.


LOL One week after launch with no super new news and you suspect the devs are gone?

Games take time, especially a massive on e like this. Calm down please


What the others say. Check the Dev Tracker. Aside from release bugs/issues they are still answering questions.


I messaged a dev earlier a question he answered it personally within 20 minutes. I mean Christ I never got that kind of response from any other dev…ever.


rgr that…

Where is this dev tracker… i suppose I should just put effort into finding it… but effort is hard! lol


Developers are still ample here on the forums.

Heck, Chris aka @MacMan just posted an animated gif image of Behemoth’s fissure/wall ability…


https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/groups/developers All I’m going to say :wink:


macman has been more active than ever it seems.


They’re still here don’t worry, they are just working their asses off to fix all the problems related to the release.


Haha! I know right? The legends tell how Lord Gaben granted Chris and Robb with some of his godly powers, so that they together could start their own paradise and share kick ass software to the mortal people of earth. But how much power did Lord Gaben give to them? Are they still game developers or are they something greater than that? (* couch * , there’s nothing greater than that, * couch *)