Hype about the sound turtles released :3


The feeling you got when you heard the soundtrack that was released recently

Post all your thoughts about it here :3


smoooooooooooth :3
I like it :>
btw is it comming new Trailers or Gameplay videos soon?


yes i would love to see some gameplay X.X im dying for it DX plas just for one full match X3!!!


I realize this is silly, but from the title of the thread I thought it was literally about the sounds an actual turtle made. Whoops.



i call you guys the turtles :turtle: X3 IMO its an adorable and good name for teh devs :3


Love the Rainfall. Having a OST is nice for some games it works well and people remember them for the OST but not much gets said about Ambient and background noise such as weather effects. Well done guys really love the thunder too and the animal/alien animal sounds are great


DAT monster scream!


Yep i still shit bricks X3


Thanks, everyone! Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to put together. Looking forward to showing you more!


I have a turtle on my desk :turtle:


oh my god :3! can you take a picture of it :3!!!


Been away for a while! Anyway, it sounds so badass! The Goliath really sounds like the apex predator of the jungle, when do we get an Ecology of the creature?

And a question for you guys at TRS; What was the inspiration for the sound and of what kind of sounds did you use to make this massive roar?


yes i would also like to know what kind of voices they used :3 but i think they wont tell us yet ;3


That’s cute.


They must’ve made someone quite angry to make such a noise like that :smiley:


it sure sounds like it lol XDD