Hyde's 'nades


I know this has been mentioned before but I haven’t seen it in awhile but there should be a way to decide if you want to throw a proxy nade or a contact nade. I’ve been playing Hyde a lot lately and the most annoying thing about him is when you are trying to lob a nade in front of the monster but it passes too close to it (like what 5 meter?) and detonates behind/above the monster. The monster then gets out with no/little damage. While the proxy detonation is great for krakins in the air, sometimes I actually want the grenade to go where I throw it. Maybe make it where left click (PC) is proxy and right click is contact detonation.


I made a lengthy post in the telemetry thread about why the large trigger radius on proximity detonating gas grenades sucks.

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Fair point. I haven’t experienced the same frustrations but I can see where it could detonate where you don’t want it to. What would be cool is to be able to detonate it manually so that it would work for Kraken and also everyone else.

Haven’t head anything about it since, but I’m not surprised. They have their hands full with other stuff and this would require whole new code.


Yea I would really like this removed. Be pretty simple to put an alt fire on the nade to make it explode, be great for setting up traps and running the monster into it