Hyde's minigun sounding like Baby Blowing, from third person. (Me as a medic, trapper, support and sometimes as monster)


It sounds super disturbing when I’m monster and I hear this.


This thread happen, that’s why…


Aw, the man val from before really gave me good laughs. I could look at that thing any time I get onto the forums and have a nice chuckle.

Constantly would squint at first if thinking maybe I was looking at it wrong, then I noticed the beard XD


Did you find my first post offensive? Or did others just perceive it as offensive?


No, I didn’t. Why, did I appear offended to you?


Hyde makes the sound on his own then chuckles afterward. There is no subtitles for it. I only started noticing it recently. First time I heard it I thought I had some funky virus, but it happened a few more times during the match. Also on a defend custom match earlier today when I was the monster.


A bunch of people flagged me, and I got pm by a leader saying I was being offensive. Even though it’s never personally occurred to me as it being an offensive word since alot of people identify by it.


You weren’t being offensive towards me, maybe it was with someone else.


Ah what a day and age we live in, where we can censor everything and everyone because we might “offend” someone.

Sarcastic tones on the internet make me uncomfortable (not), I suppose I should start flagging down everything in sight because for my own safety…


This seems to be going nowhere.