Hyde's Minigun-Sound IS so bad now, why did you change it?!


Guys, please, please please please PLEAAAAAAASE!
Why did you change the Sound of the Minigun from Hyde in the game now? The sound of the gameplay videos is SO MUCH BETTER!
The new one sounds like a normal machine gun rather than a MINIGUN!

The game is awesome and stuff and I was looking forward to the Minigun so badly and then i get a weapon that sounds like a smaller version of a MP5…

PLEASE, I am a huge sound fetishist, PLEASE FIX THIS!
change it back to the old sound, PLEAAAAAAAASE!


I agree, the old minigun sounded more authentic. Currently it just sounds like your cheap, generic machinegun sound.


That is exactly what I am thinking about it :frowning:
Hopefully they will change it back!



What do you think TRS god