Hyde's Minigun/Flamethrower & Goliath's Fire Breath


Firstly, Fire Breath is too short. It barely seems cool anymore because it is more of a Fire Sneeze. It needs to last as long as it used to.

Secondly, Hyde’s Minigun. What the hell happened to it? It fires super slow in comparison to what it used to and now it doesn’t sound like a minigun at all. Some things don’t need to be changed and his Minigun was one of them.

Lastly, what the christ happened to the Flamethrower effects? they look god awful and cheap. Bring back the older, superior looking ones please.


I think the only change to the minigun was the sound. It is just more reflective of how fast it actually fires. The reason the effects were changed is to
A.better reflect the damage that is actually happening .
B.make it easier to run for folks without god computers.
C.make it so that hunter abilities don’t literally blind the monster or the hunters.
Do you remember slim plus mad maggs plus hyde plus any support used to look like? It was so disorienting, and everyone hated it.

EDIT:“or the hunters”


Well they could’ve at least made them look good. The current flamethrower effects look like something you’d see in a crappy F2P game. The effects need an upgrade.


I prefer the new effects. Much clearer what’s going on, and no doubt better for my FPS too :slight_smile:


Well, Meaty has a longer fire breath. Not sure if that counts or not.



never forget. To all those fallen monsters.


More importantly, by cutting back on effects like that they’ve increased FPS phenomenally.


You mean the pile of my corpses anytime a Slim was picked?


I’m just having flashbacks of playing bob stage 2, blowing everything I had on slim, with 100% hit, and not even getting him to half health.


I’m gonna keep beating this dead horse… Until we at least get a response on the topic. Or something.


FPS gain is fine and dandy, but optimize the GOOD effects so that you can keep them and still gain FPS. I hate when pretty games downgrade everything and make themselves look shitty or low quality in comparison to earlier.