Hyde's damage looks like you're using hacks, what's your opinion about him?

I was playing full damage Hyde and got called hacker like 6/10 of the games I played.
the last guy played 2 times against me and my friends, one as Bob and another as Miley, first time he called me hacker, second he just got to stage 2 and stopped (probably to record) and typed “you guys sux, bad team, noob, reported, look at the damage that’s not normal, hacker bla bla bla”

that’s not an “OP nerf it now” thread, it’s just a discussion.

I think he’s very well balanced and should have his own difficulty created “A baby can play it”

share your experiences and opinions.

I’m sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian :grin:


Easy to pick up, agreed. I think he’s in a good place, near perfect imo. I feel like any major nerf or buff my skew him off balance very hard.


Can I just say that your English is flawless?


People stand in his acid cloud.

Like, I dunno if they are having a hard time seeing it or what, but I find him really easy to play just because even some people that should more than know better stand in it.

anything you want, it’s just that sometimes I can’t express myself the way I wanted, probably because I don’t talk, just write

The only thing i can think of in that situation is to just tell the person accusing you of hacking that you are running the fully upgraded damage perk set (if you are using those unless its purely because of how good you are at hyde) and to congratulate them for being proactive when it comes to recording and reporting players and situations that they think are attributed to hacks.

I’d say he’s more reliable than Markov, Lennox, and Torvald.

personally as monster I can barely see it, I need to pay attention cus it makes a burning gas noise

It can seem like hacking when someone runs a full damage perk set because it REALLY boosts their damage.

However that means the hunter/monster that specialized in damage is slower and less durable than they could be if they were more balanced.

I nearly always take full damage perks on every assault OTHER THAN LENNOX. This is because the monster rarely focuses the assault. The exception is Lennox, which is why I mix between damage and DR perks on her.

The guy accusing you of hacking is just salty.

I really feel that Hydes damage is like that because he does put himself at fair risk with his flamethrower. It does have plenty of ammo but you need to practically hugging to monster to do any real damage.

I’ve done this before, on distillery, I lost a huge chunk of my armor with no hunters in sight. So I stopped, I was recoding already and hit chat saying who has the hack, they all asked what I meant I said trapper use scanner and I won’t move, everyone come here to show how far I am.
Turned out what had happened was from one corner of the map, griffin had unloaded an entire clip into nothing ( they where at the top highest corner, I was by the building along the opposite side) and with its accuracy had mistakenly and totally fluked hitting every shot on me as a stage 2 goliath.
Needless to say when we realised I apologised majorly and congratulated them on the longest shot I’ve ever seen on evolve.
Used to happen to me on crisis 3 online aswell and would randomly toss a grenade at certain camp spots and the kill cam would make it seem impossible but really I was taking a gamble, got repeated " hacker" accusations for that.

But, Torvald is Damage.

I can only notice massive damage when I stay still in the toxic cloud; and no monster should be doing that at all unless you’ve got someone on the ropes and you want to sacrifice some durability for a strike.

He yells out, there’s a big explosion, and a green cloud in the air; it’s not that hard to miss. Avoid that area for seven seconds and all you’ve got to deal with is his flame.

I played Hyde again, ur right . The minigun dies shoot one bullet at a time