Hyde Weapon Cycling

I remember hearing or reading somewhere that giving a burst of fire and then mini gunning at close range increases your damage output is this true?

I doubt. <nope

It’s better to just flame at point blank then, assumed so but damage numbers get weird at ranges I guess.

It would out damage if you can get those head shots so basically behemoth.

It depends if you’re hitting headshots or not. The flamethrower DoTs for 100 damage over 5 seconds after you stop burning and does more base damage than the minigun, except when you’re nailing those crits and/or weakspots.

Minigun damage -145dps
Flamethrower damage -152dps
Burn damage -20dps
Toxic cloud -120dps

If you have swap speed it is better to alternate flamethrower and minigun, as long as you aren’t shooting legs. Otherwise the delay in swapping brings the overall damage down to almost the same thing, but more work.

I thought the flamethrower was 176 or so per second.

1664 damage over 11 seconds before afterburn damage.

I usually run speed swap perk with Hyde. Even if you just swap between flames and nades it’s good. I swap to minigun if headshot opportunities appear.

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