Hyde - Warthog Minigun Skin



Note: I noticed this skin is a semi-fail AFTER I finished because I forgot to take into account the rotating barrels so the decals are gonna move when fired and be out of position. =( But a minigun with shark teeth is still cool right? =D

I decided to post this anyway because I already spent time on it, so I might as well share it. Not as flashy as my Asiimov Val Sniper Rifle skin but as a concept it seems cool.


To quote my thread.


Naw man you just gotta time it right. But yeah the barrels rotate but its a game maybe its magic future paint.


Just say its the future and go ooo aaaah maagic. You can also quote Arthur C. Clarke.


Next generation holographic paint. =D


See now your getting it!


Still a cool idea though.


Ya know what would be awesome? Is if you could break up the warthog’s face throughout the barrel but when it’s fully spun up the image comes out perfectly fine on the side.

A great idea overall. It does have the classic PZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT noise we all know and love with the mini~gun, so this would be an awesome fit!


Wait… this isn’t in the game. Wow, @Slewey, this concept was so good I actually thought it was official! Good on you, man. I’d love to see this.

Also, I don’t care if the decals are out of position. I need a SharkGun.


You should check out my CS:GO Val Sniper skin: CS:GO Asiimov Anti-Material Rifle Skin


I did. I loved it too. I mean, it was exceptional… but nothing, nothing, beats a SharkGun.

I would tip my hat to you, but I don’t have one. So… I wiggle my petals to you.


This is cool. I exceptionally love that little warning sign on the side - not sure if that’s on the original, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

Good job. Also that holographic paint is cool. :wink:


Thanks! The warning sign is something I put on because military equipment generally have all these little signs on their equipment for safety purposes so people don’t fry themselves.

Holographic paint courtesy of NORDITA. =D