Hyde wants to put a flamethrower on Daisy. All in favor?


All in favor?

Good old memories on the Forum

To be fair, Hyde would like to put a flamethrower on each one of us. Cause he’s a madman.


This is good plan. This is BEST plan!


Well obviously this is the greatest idea ever…of all time


All the assaults want to use daisy in battle more. Parnell wants her to be a rideable mount, and Hyde wants a flamethrower attachment. Wonder what Torvald and Markov want

Also 200 topics created


How about a flame in front of Daisys butt so when she farts she’s like a rocket




I wantttttttttttttt please make deadly super daisy as a new assault.


But… how would it work?


minedroppa what ‘as missil launcha’s an’ flamethrowas.


I think it would be like a range trigger thing similar to Bucket’s sentry guns.

Eventually we’ll get an assault with some sort of damage dealing drone, currently assault is the only one without a drone ability.


I do think that Daisy should have some offensive potential and be a bit more active. For instance, pressing her button while aiming at things could trigger a long cool down ability that changes when aimed at different things. At a live animal or the monster, she attacks them like a wild trapjaw can. Click it whilst aiming at a carcass? She proceeds to eat the corpse, taking a while to do so that changes dependent on the carcass’ size and disables the ability for a longer duration, based on the animal size (being well fed, if you will).

This allows for some extra elements to her game-play and could allow for a choice for the player controlling Maggie. If I activate aggressive Daisy in a fight, she won’t res people, do I want to add a little bit of damage and anti pounce, whilst sacrificing potential saves?


Maggie’s already a good pick, dont make her OP, thats way too much utility.


Missile launchers, mine droppers
mine droppers with missile launchers that shoot flamethrowers
or something


The point would be getting similarly creative with every character for the future and implementing additions along these lines, rather than +0.5 on a weapon’s CD. At the very least Daisy should be able to attack.

EDIT: Also, I have no ability to alter anything, so I think you’re safe ;).


Daisy does attack if Maggie gets eaten by a plant.

Sadly it doesn’t work with pounces, but that’s what Mammoth Birds are for.


Dont get me wrong, I think these ideas are great, but balance wise thet need some work to not make maggie THE trapper.


To call upon the power of the Mammoth Birds, is to risk one’s soul.


looks in a mirror

“Mammoth Bird! Mammoth Bird! Mammoth BirrAAAarrrRRRGHHHHH…”


never heard from again


Trappers don’t have drones and actually neither do medics…