Hyde vs. Kraken, what do?

I’ve been playing evolve since… forever, and ever since Kraken came out I’ve never really liked fighting this monster. Primarily, I play assault, and most often I love to grab Hyde because I think he’s hilarious, and does tons of damage. Except against the Kraken.

Even though his minigun got a large accuracy buff a good while back, it still feels like it’s doing the most hardcore tickle damage imaginable. In the last game I played against a Kraken, we had a bad (tall, open) dome, but with a tall spire in the middle. I sat on that spire and emptied my minigun several times into the Kraken, who completely ignored me while my team ran around like headless chickens protecting each other and evading death. Every time I emptied a clip, I would chuck a toxic bomb at him because what the hell else was I going to do? Burn him from 30m away? Blow my entire jetpack just to light him up for 4 seconds?

After that dome dropped, he had taken just very slight amounts of health damage (and we had a strike on the support, iirc), and we gave chase. After playing merry-go-around a mountain, he decided to ambush us (still S1), and blew up the trapper. He then determined that he could probably win the game right there and started chasing down the rest of us. While the support and medic feebly tried to mitigate damage, the Kraken landed for a brief glorious moment, and I unloaded as much of my flamethrower into his backside as available, before he took back to the skies and I resumed shooting tickle pellets at him.

After we lost, I was terribly dismayed to review my damage totals.
I did more damage with my mid-air toxic grenades, then with my constant streams of minigun. And that one moment of ~8 seconds where I went full flame on him, was fully 2/3 of the damage I dealt with my minigun.

tl,dr: Hyde can’t ever hope to do meaningful damage to an airborne Kraken. What do I do? Never pick Hyde just in case?

Standing still with the minigun gives it the best accuracy. But I’m not the hardcore Hyde main that I used to be. That’s more of @ToiletWraith’s department. Throwing grenades in the area that the karken tends to hover in also helps.

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I was standing still on a pillar. The only reason I made this post was because I had such a fantastic scenario where I could sit still, be high up (and kinda close), and just literally unload as much as I wanted, since he was ignoring me. I also do throw my grenades very well, even against a Kraken, I think I missed two out of the ten-ish that I threw.

But I can’t spam grenades, so how do I keep putting damage on the Kraken? The ticklegun feels way too weak.

@ToiletWraith Halp me see why Hyde is the best! How can he melt everything?

Give me a moment, I’ll scrounge up my old thread about what I do with Hyde. I’m horrid at explaining though.

I’ve since changed my perk for Hyde. I always liked Capacity, then experimented with RL Speed. I’m currently running movespeed, but Jump height or jetpack can be good for Kraken.

You do not know how happy I am to see that.
It’s the most underrated perk imo. That and weapon swap speed.


Awesome. I learned mini-gun management.
Now to hope it’s all I was missing.

Thanks senpai! :heart:

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Weapon switch perk is the best! Dont you dare talk trash about it.

I take quick switch on so many characters.
Val, Slim, Parnell, Torvald, Hank, Sunny… Apparently two from each class, except Trapper.

Nothing brings in the style points like swapping out your entire arsenal and using everything within 2 seconds.

I’m saying it’s underrated. It’s really strong on a lot of characters.

My bad I saw it as “underpowered”, You may contine your daily activities…

It’s still going extremely poorly. I mean, technically we won, but my output was so low with the minigun, still. Even doing it kind of burst fire didn’t help, it’s like instead of bullets missing from a bad spread, I just wasn’t firing them.

Technically we won the match, but not because of the very high damage Hyde can dish out with his flamethrower.

I just don’t know what else to do.

Screw the minigun. Basically.
You need to learn to manage your jetpack well enough to get in his face with flamethrower, don’t blow it all in one go. If you can’t flamethrower, throw nade. Switch to flamethrower, reposition and jump back at him.

Minigun and nade until the opportune moment when you can boost in with the nade+flamethrower. AS (sometimes) and LS are good times to do this, although the kraken always leaves his head really exposed when he does this, so the minigun works too.

Hyde vs kraken what do you ask? Simple.



Gonna echo these thoughts. The flamethrower’s range really isn’t that bad and in typical dome locations reaching the Kraken isn’t too difficult. The fight is about managing your fuel, keep some fuel for dodging but make sure you get plenty of airtime where the flamethrower can reach the Kraken. Remember that you have the shield so you don’t need to dodge every blow. Throw the grenade at the Kraken (it’s got a proximity based trigger) when grounded and use the minigun if you’re not ready to fly up and the grenade’s on cooldown.

The grenades are proximity detecting so you can throw them in the air. I would use the mini gun to fire at him and use the flamethrower when he is grounded

I like both of those…Just not on Caira. Jump Height Caira, never thought I’d see someone run that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been tempted to do that. It’s one of the things I need to do sometime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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