Hyde Variant Appearance could be Orc-like?


So, for those who don’t know. The person who voiced Hyde is the person who voiced all the Orcs in Warhammer Online which is an MMORPG game made by Mythic and Game Workshop.
Now, I was thinking it’d pretty damn appropriate to want Hyde’s Variant appearance look like a giant orc badass with a orc dialogue. Obviously, I don’t have a say in this but considering he voiced Orcs and it is his character it would be pretty badass to put an Orc-ish appearance.
Now that I’m done wishful thinking. Ty for your time :))))))


Imo, the realtion between the 2 is really not anything to influence Hyde’s adaptation. To me anyway…


I understand but again, that’s just me wishfully thinking cuz I loved the MMO and it’d be pretty cool if Laz or Kala experimented on Hyde in his sleep that turned him green :smiley:


Well adaptions also aren’t canon, so there wouldn’t really be a story or reasoning for it either. Sorry if I’m coming off a bit blunt, but that’s just how it is. :slightly_smiling:


Np mate. Again, it’s just wishful thinking :slight_smile:


It seems that most of the community thinks that Hyde’s adaptation will be him in his old chemtrooper getup. We don’t really know for sure, though :smiley_cat:


Ahh gotcha, well could always be a orc skin for the main Hyde :ok_hand:



But in all seriousness, even though it would be interesting for some (I personally don’t like it), I don’t think it would be possible. TRS doesn’t have the rights to create that. It’s another company’s property.

If it weren’t a straight reference to the character(s) in another game, it might be different.

Still, wishful thinking.


I’m really curious to see how Hyde will be with his adaptation


Probably Hyde with chemist soldier’s uniform.

Slim will be happy.


You mean Chemtrooper, right? ;w;


No, I’m pretty sure she/it/he meant Drug Store Clerk Hyde!


Good heavens… Well he does love the meds!


I guess so :sweat_smile:

In my language they say “soldat chimiste”, I literally translated.


Hmm, in Danish it would be “kemi soldat” or “kemikalie soldat”.


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