Hyde Tips and Tricks


Is there a preferred mode to get the 3rd Star Toxic Grenade challenge? I’m finding myself getting +2 per game and I want to at least get +5 but its hard because the monster is always running away.


defend. the minions group up on the generator, just chuck a grenade at them and do your thing. after they’re at about 10% health they’ll turn and attack you but if you’re already within flamethrower range they’ll stay in the cloud.


Its damage to the monster. I tried on the minions and it doesn’t count.


Play some solo hunt, I did that for the most part. :3


then get a friend to stand still as monster. unless it makes you feel cheap, in which case get your friend to go abe and stack grenades.


I got mine just because so many monster like to sit on downed hunters. I always toss one on a downed hunter, so maybe that will help.


I got my 3 star on his grenades, in a game with you. I was on trapper at the time I believe… ^.-