Hyde Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Hyde Strategy, Tips and Advice
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This f***ing topic’s f***ing face is now f***ing melted by a f***ing flamethrower.


Melt his fucking face with your fucking flamethrower…


My play: Quickswitch, keep pressure up at all times (duh) with all 3 damage types at once.
Grenade, Flames, Minigun till cycle is prepped again.
Massive damage yo.


Sounds a bit silly, but don’t worry if you’re missing a lot with the flamethrower. Even one little hit lights them up for 6 seconds of DOT. So even if the monster is running away or just skirting on the edge of flamethrower range, keep that flamethrower out and keep chasing him down. I see too many Hydes who switch to the minigun the second the monster leaves flamethrower range.

Minigun should be your absolute last option. Better to keep the flamethrower out and keep hitting the monster with licks to reapply the DOT every chance you get. That way, once you or your team finally pin the monster down your ready to really lay in with the flamethrower.


Best tip for Hyde? Melt some f$%king face

  • When the Monster opts for stalling tactics during a successful Mobile Arena trapping, hiding behind obstacles and in tight corners to try to wait out the duration of the dome, Hyde should immediately think to flush them out with a Toxic Grenade; nothing else in the game is better tailored for this task.

  • Another prime target for a Toxic Grenade is an incapacitated team-mate, to make it marginally more punishing for some Monster classes (not the Kraken) to guard them against a revive.

  • The Toxic Grenade is particularly useful in Defend mode; use against the Minions once they have reached the generator to wear down their health rapidly. Often it’s practical to catch both in one cloud.


I like to take the reload speed perk for more nades and if I happen to be very up close to monster I actually wait through reloads to stay on the flamethrower. Hyde is my all time favourite hunter, from personality to kit it’s pure gold!


I usually take quick switch for obvious reasons, but if you can stand the couple seconds it takes to switch weapons without it, then you should try jump height. It will give you the mobility you need to keep up with all monsters with proper jetpack management, as well as letting you get some height with your flamethrower vs a kraken.

The flamethrower is the imo the most visible of all of the assaults weapons and you can use this to your advantage. If a hunter is being focused try deterring the monster by setting him on fire, go for the psychological warfare tactics, really mess with their minds.

Same goes for the toxic grenade. Its one of the few weapons in the game where you give the monster a choice on whether or not to take damage. Where some assaults you just get shot by a shotgun and that’s it, the toxic grenades trigger that thing in the monsters mind that says “I could move from what I’m doing and stop taking damage, and if I stay any damage that I take is my fault.”

Hyde works best with a Lazarus on the team for a number of reasons. Laz’s weakspots are great for the slightly inaccurate minigun to get maximum damage. Also Hyde’s toxic grenades plus flamethrower (plus maybe damage amp) is the best option for punishing a monster for body camping.
And lastly if a Laz gets focused throw a toxic grenade and tell him to run into it and cloak. At the same time you should be lighting the monsters face in fire to blind him. Boom Lazdini ©.


Literally use T.G. every cooldown, not just when monster is in hiding. See him climbing a wall to a teammate? Throw it in that ledge, teammate being focused and knocked around, throw it on him. In a normal stage 3 fight against a good, elusive in low stage monsters, i get up to at least 9.5k damage with the grenades and 15k+ with the flamethrower.


That’s what I do when I piss off a pack of reavers/trap jaws or shudders mammoth birds. Just drop it and move on, it’s not worth wasting time over, even if it’ll slow down your teammates (which won’t happen since all the wildlife will choke to death)