Hyde Perks?

I’ve just recently started playing Hyde, and was wondering what perks do you guys usually go with when playing him?

I ruuuuuuuuuuun… Minor damage, major(?) (The 2nd one) Damage resistance and Superior movespeed… Personal preference tho.

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I just go max damage with him cause poison got nerfed shrug

He is my most time played assault atm annd I regret the elite grind. Made him dull :frowning:

On the bright side I’m really good with him cause of it.

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Yeah I think I’ve been doing okay with him, I have won most my pub matches (luck?) but I think his minigun needs a little buff, I see no need to use it unless the monster is on the run with no armour

Pretty much, it’s accuracy is abysmal, bad for chip damage unless you have poison.

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Swap, Reload, Reload.


I personally run Swap-Reload-Reload to throw out as many toxic grenades as i can.

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I use all mobility perks for Hyde. I find he can do great damage as long as he can keep up with the monster. With this build you should always have enough JP fuel to block Goliath’s rocks as well (as any good assault should!)
Bronze: Move Speed
Silver: Move Speed
Gold: Rocket King

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