Hyde Nade tip in the loading screen


Still shows up saying it deals damage to the monster, but slows your teammates ;3


This isn’t a bug- I surmise they just forgot to take the slowing bit out.


Fair enough, no idea where to put it otherwise ;W;


Speaking of which, is it only Hyde’s teammates that don’t get slowed? I’ve only played Evolve in solo recently but Hyde was taking his sweet time sauntering through his chemical filth :slight_smile: didn’t really pay attention to how the bots were affected.


Nope… They removed it completely ;3


Wonder why it was still slowing me in solo D: imagine how annoyed everybody would be if my game’s a “special” copy and I’m one of the few Hydes in the world that can still slow the team.


With great power comes great responsibility.

Now go forth and troll.


Did his slow effect also get removed on console? Sometimes I feel like it still slows me down too


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s been removed on all platforms.


Sweeeeeeet. Hope Lazarus doesn’t mind the smell.


Lazarus doesn’t mind anything coming from Hyde- smell, shouting, mess and general unpleasantness. :wink: They’re friends.

*Reworded because it sounded a little…suggestive. >.>


You’re gona get flagged so fast. Calling it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Call ME mayBE


I didn’t mean it like that…


Whenever winky face emoticons are used I feel like something is implied. It’s the conspicuous winky face. It looks guilty of bad humor.


I’ll show you my bad humor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t you have a boyfriend and a Hyde to worry about? You shouldn’t be showing anyone anything!


Hot damn, you’re right!


See, that post would sound completely serious without that face. Emoticons sum up a post. :japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::fire::poop::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::skull::fire::gun::hocho::bomb: