Hyde: Lackluster Assault?


Character wise Hyde is my favourite out of all the Hunters, gameplay wise he’s my least favorite in the Assault category. I love his loadout, it’s got big beefy weapons but they don’t translate well into the game.

Flamethrower - With the shortest range and what is said to be one of the most powerful weapons I honestly don’t see it. It feels like it does 10%-20% more damage over the Lightning Gun, spend more time trying to get in range when Markov can get in damage a lot quicker and the big risk you put yourself when in the Monster’s face. The lack of range makes this weapon not ideal when against Kraken, which is another reason why it’s better to roll with Markov.

Minigun - Honestly this weapon is very lacking. The problems with this weapon is that it has a very wide spread, average damage per bullet and only 400 RPM (rounds per minute). The only upside this weapon has is a generous magazine size. I understand it’s suppose to be a long range, weaker alternative to the Flamethrower, but the damage is not threatening enough to the Monster.

Toxic Grenades - I made a thread about this awhile back about the big problem of the team slow effect this item has, it’s just too big of a penalty. This item has 50/50 usefulness to both sides which is a terrible performance ratio, this should benefit the team more. I realize it’s to discourage spamming, but for an area denial tool, it denies the area to EVERYONE, including your allies which is really annoying. The fact Markov’s Arc Mines can be spammed and don’t penalize the team as heavily compared to the Toxic Grenades seem a bit off.

I rather have the cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 12 seconds and remove the slow and it would be immensely more useful, and the higher cooldown will discourage the spam.

I really want to use Hyde more, but his current set up and the amount of work you have to bust your ass to get in range of your flamethrower, having to not screw your team over by withholding using your toxic grenades and the lackluster minigun damage as a ranged weapon is putting me off. Markov is the more consistent and reliable in terms of damage output.


Having extensively used Hyde and Markov so far, this is my 2.12345 cents

The amount of skill required to effectively use flamethrower for Hyde isnt compensated enough in the stronger damage that comes out compared to Markov’s lightning gun.

This difference is not that significant against Goliath on a ground fight. But it gets too much against Kraken and Wraith. On raw damage the flamethrower feels 10~20% stronger than lightning, but the amount of time that the lightning gun would hit a monster when the flamethrower is not is not enough for 10~20% to be compensated when fighting against Wraith and Kraken.

It’s just hilarious to pick Hyde over Markov at the moment. Hyde against Wraith/Kraken is like the herpaderpa-i’m-bored-of-Markov choice.


Yeah I know what you mean.


I can’t disagree more. Ok I can but…expression, deal with it.

You should not be in any risk unless you’re up against a newb monster. No offense, but the assault is almost always last on the kill list.

The range is fine with Mastery 2+ and proper fuel usage. If you’re struggling to reach the Kraken with these two things, then you need to have a talk with your trapper and ask him why he keeps engaging over the tyrant pit.

It’s a hell of a lot more threatening than the assault rifle. Like 2-3x.

Toxic Grenades are not for chasing, just like mines aren’t. In the midst of combat, the different between being forced to walk instead of run makes 0 difference in whether or not the monster eats you. The grenades will eventually dish out more damage than arc mines will but they will not deal the same burst. People both overestimate and overreact to the effect that the slow has.

He’s a higher skill floor character. He’s better to use in every situation except wraith, as long as you can bring the necessary skill level for it.

Since Alpha the only things that have really changes is that flamethrower damage has come down a lot and arc mines were improved dramatically. And back then, everyone called Markov absolutely worthless the moment you unlock Hyde. I find myself playing both of them in the Beta. And not just because I’m bored of playing one or the other.


Here are the damage numbers that @MacMan posted, Hyde is at the bottom of all three Assaults. I’m not even surprised Markov is beating him because his damage output is more consistent.

I honestly don’t know what where you’re going with this. If you’re putting pressure on a Monster he’ll go after you. Assault isn’t the last to be killed, that depends on the situation due to the assymetric gameplay.

Doesn’t change the fact that Markov is just better at dealing against Krakens.

The damage doesn’t prove it.

The damage isn’t the problem with the grenades it’s the slow effect that’s so penalizing compared to Arc Mines that you have to NOT use it in frequent situation in fights, which is one item you can’t count on to deal damage with lowers overall effective DPS. The slow needs to be gone and the cooldown increased to discourage spam.

True, he’s a higher skill character, but without the significant advantages that come with it. Currently he’s just a Markov knockoff with lower range and marginal improvements in damage and a team aoe slow.

That’s completely false.


I think that hyde is likely one of the most progression focused hunters out there - his upgrades give range and accuracy. He has the damage, but once those other bits improve, he will be much more interesting.


Hyde’s problem is essentially that smart Goliaths will be evasive and won’t sit in his flames - smart Krakens and Wraiths are almost impossible to hit unless they simply don’t care about the damage.

The team slow on Toxic Grenades is ludicrous given Hyde’s setbacks - it should have no negative impact on the team balance-wise. A cool-down increase seems like a good change to replace the downside.

It would also be nice if they would explode on contact with the Dome for better air denial.


That’s just bad game design then. To grind achievements just to upgrade your loadout which is suppose to be proficient by itself from the get go isn’t how it should be.


I’m like 99% sure it does, the grenades will explode on contact when it hits something.


I don’t think the dome counts - I seem to remember trying it.


It does. I’ve used them several times from outside the dome to damage a monster inside the dome while being perfectly safe.

Nah, we all universally agreed in Big Alpha that Markov was completely useless once you unlocked Hyde.

I would love to see a breakdown of assault vs specific monsters rather than just overall average damage. Because let’s face it, Markov deals a metric shit ton of damage to decoys with mines alone. I find it pretty rare to do less than 20k against a Wraith with Arc Mines and I know Wraith doesn’t have that much health/armor.

Nah, the most an experienced monster will do to you is knock you away, there are much larger priorities.

Markov is better at dealing with Banshee Mines* not Kraken in general.

I’d also love to see a breakdown of weapons. I have a hell of a lot easier time getting damage up with the Minigun than I do with the Assault Rifle.

The knockback from mines can be just as if not more devastating than the slow from grenades.


I’ve found that comboing the gas and flame thrower melts the monster away faster than either assaults if your team can keep it in the gas. Just get in its face and Gas it then burn it up, give it try and if you still feel the same then maybe Hyde just isnt your playstyle.


I can agree to an extent. Hyde is a higher skilled character in my opinion. He takes thought. For example let’s say the Goliath is trying to kill the medic while its down. If Hyde is close by he can quickly react by throwing a toxic grenade on medics position. If the monsters stays too kill the damage on it will be extensive. However I do think the movement slow down should be removed. You shouldn’t get penalized for using your class ability. Also the flamethower range isn’t a big deal for me since I have character mastery 2+. Really adds some decent range. Hyde’s toxic grenades should just be buffed and they should remove that bs movement slowness.


As someone who uses Hyde exclusively as Assault and even got his Elite Weapon skin, I can say that he is certainly not “lackluster”.

The Flamethrower not only lasts longer than the Lightning Gun it also reloads much faster and as we all know does more damage. Sure the range isn’t great, but keeping the monster attacking you is the important part, especially while he’s sitting in a Toxic Grenade.

The Minigun. Aim for the head. Aim for weak points. Use it while Cabot’s got his damage beam on. While I was on a team with a good Cabot and Lazarus I had no trouble tearing through the monster with this gun. 12k damage in one fight against Goliath? Yeah, that’s quite a bit better than Markov’s little Assault Rifle.

Toxic Grenades are for protecting teamates just like Markov’s mines. However, instead of throwing them down ahead of time they’re used for on the fly protection of a downed teamate or simply to keep the monster out of a specific area.

All three. Toss down a Toxic Grenade, light the monster on fire until it knocks you away, then pour bullets into it with the Minigun. He’ll be taking damage from the toxic, fire, and bullets all at once. I switch up my weapons constantly during a fight. The quick switch perk is a must for Hyde and with the Elite Perk of faster weapon switch and reload I’ve found that I can do more damage than using just a flat damage bonus perk.

Hyde’s not lackluster. You just need to know how to use him. Preferences are an important part of this game. I prefer Hyde, you prefer Markov. I’m sure there’s someone out there that prefers Parnell. All the hunters are viable in the right hands.


I may need to test it from inside the dome.


It works inside the dome too, it’s just hard to hit the upper levels of a dome with a grenade because his grenades have a funny arc once you exceed a certain degree.


Markov is better than both assault if u know how to use him i didnt like hyde didnt seem to do that much damage like i thought he would so markov was the best and i played with hellah good monsters, arc mines are sooo useful holy shit a good team obviously helps i pretty much only play markov


Flamethrower reloads very fast as mention and has an insane magazine clip , but its harder to hit a moving target so its balance imo

play hyde as crazy, go for the monster at meele range all the time , when i play hyde i just tunnel vision like nutz, as markov you usually figth close to the mine field so you play with a little range , ligthing gun has good range :stuck_out_tongue: