Hyde kill counter :D


Okay wraiths post how many Hydes you have beaten here and keep updating your posts per Hydes beaten

Hydes beaten : 0


5/5 Hydes beaten, when I got to play as Hyde no one picked Wraith QQ, else I’d slow my Trapper down with grenades and not attack the Wraith lol.


Ah yes sabotage


Wraiths killed 2. :wink:
Don’t judge not everybody is playing the right combo X(


Reservin space for when I start layin the hurt down


why you kill the wraiths???


Hes Wraithist


For the glory of Hyde ^.^


Hyde’s killed 3

Wraith deaths 0


0 Wraith kills because I find none as Hyde and you’re all just scared of me aren’t you…


Quit the game if you’re Hyde then, come on… Don’t be mean or you’ll ruin a game for others when you’ll get a skin either way.


Agreed. It was exactly what I was afraid of.


I’ve been Hyde for hours and found only krakens. Wish we could do all challenges in solo or custom games. People know Hyde is a priority and they are going to play kraken because Hyde has trouble with him.


Heheheh 13 wraith kills 3 hyde loses :slight_smile:


Hyde’s killed: 2


7 wraith victories, no wraith deaths, 4 toasted wraiths, and 1 defeated Hyde.

Look, I want the voodoo skin, but I am not about to lay down and die for you pansy wraiths out there, you earn your wins, and I earn mine.


Please don’t sabotage games as Hyde either play as Monster only or when you get assault don’t pick Hyde.


If there would be personal challenges instead of community challenges I wouldn’t need to exploit them. Certain people ruined the Bucket challenge, I won’t let that happen this time.


Hydes killed: 2
Killed as Wraith by Hyde team: 2


Just played as medic vs a Wraith with Hyde, 0 points were healed :smile: