Hyde Elite Skin


I got it I’‘ll upload it later though it is awesome’

Flamethrower has "I’m the fucking king scratched on the side and minigun has “GODLIE” along the top


You played Hyde enough to get his elite skin :open_mouth:


Doesn’t take too long. I have 6000 headshot damage left until I Elite Cabot.


Gonna take me 7 years to get the Kraken elite with the damn aftershock challenges >_>


Hahah it won’t be that bad. As you practice you’ll get better at using it.


Still haven’t even touched aftershock as a skill yet in the full game :stuck_out_tongue:. Dodged a ton of Krakens trying to use it though. All it takes is one jetpack dodge :smiley:. I should probably do it now though while all the PUGs are bad.


The only really annoying one was the toxic grenades. At most I could get like 5 or 6 a game but I do have the progress from the app which helped. Resiudal burn damage was weird cause it felt like I got mroe by just spraying liek you normally would


Ya I try to get someone in a corner before I try usually or if someone is down and I know the support or Laz will go for them


Yeah I deffinetly feel it’s more of a defensive skill, but my build tends to be
2 Lightning Strike 1 Vortex
3 Lightning Strike 1 Banshee Mine 2 Vortex
3 Lightning Strike 1 Banshee Mine 2 Aftershock 3 Vortex

Still haven’t hit stage 3 as Kraken :confused:


Here they are uploaded as promised sorry about the wait


Awesome, working on getting the hyde elite skin as we speak. Btw in your original comment, you said that it said “GODLIE” on the minigun. It actually says “GOLDIE”. Hope this helps. Hyde 4 lyfe


Just wondering: in the dropship, does the flamethrower show up as blue/gray? Is it really visible that you are elite?


The elite skin changes the glove in general as you can see in the pictures so you can see it at all times. Kinda wish the skin changed the shoulder pad as well since its also attached to the glove but not a big deal


Buckets gold lil robots are cool and now I’m working on Goliath elite