Hyde being able to stop a pounce on hiself


So ive been told that Hyde’s flamethrower does spurts of damage… And apparently that is grounds for being able to be pounced… I mean i dont know how that makes sense your being burned and attacked yet you can be pounced… Same thing for his poison gas it cant stop pounces… I dont understand how that makes sense all im asking is for is for flamethrower and the poison grenade to stop pounces… I mean it makes sense right? Or am i just asking for a buff for apparently op hunters


Dots don’t stop pounce attacks. Markov can also shoot a monster off with his LG as well as Tech Hank because of a high fire rate.


I jus dont see why… The monster is being damaged


A 3 story monster with slight flames on it wouldn’t stop it. Heck, the Hulk can get shot by bullets and Rockets and barely faze him.


My honest opinion is that all damage should cancel the ability to pounce for a few seconds. It would give hunters with a lower fire rate like Lennox an equal chance of negating a pounce than a high RoF like Markov. It would also force the “sneak attack” to actually be used as such :smiley_cat:


Hulk isnt a monster though tbh that comment just made me mad… For 1 its a video game and needs to be fair 2 its not even just hyde multiple assaults get pounced while shooting


Yes, it’s a video game so reality shouldn’t take precedence over. I don’t know why you are getting mad at me for having an opinion. I’ll step away since this seems too hard to discuss for you.


Im mad because your comparing hulk to a monster in evolve… Also when did you even say anything about this post other than dot dosnt stop a pounce…


Im so done eith evolve forums literally no constructive criticism its just one person says something wrong and its oh your obviously hurt bye… Like seriously i also have an opinion and am expressing it sorry you cant handle someone opposing your opinon


What a coincidence.

Also, Goliath has been compared to Godzilla and King Kong and nobody is fazed or affected by it.

All @MaddCow did was express his opinion about why Dot doesn’t stop pouncing.


So your saying no one else can have an opinion but you? That’s literally what you’re basically saying. And no salt please. This forum is perfectly fine. It’s the only forum I’ve ever actually joined, but it will definitely be the best.


Its the only fourm ive ever been on… And also PLEASE quote where i said only i can have sn opinion seriously… Never did i tell him to piss off because i didnt like what he was saying… No all i said was im mad hes comparing something that is irrelevant to my topic where you stated monsters have been compared to other things im sure it was in a different and non topic thread… Seriously i say im done with the fourms cuz of people like you guys no one here gave criticism yes madcow told me dot dose not stop pounces im fine with that… He compared a monster to hulk… Im not trying to hear that right now i want opinions and other suggestions none of you have done that… Strike that 1 person said a suggestion and guess what i read it and would reply if it wasnt for you two saying im being cynical… Again please quote where i am


Really? You never actually said that, as I said you basically said it. But you’re alluding to that. You had your opinion on this. @MaddCow gave his opinion and you immediately shot it down, making it as if he couldn’t have an opinion.


I did not all i literally said(not basically) was im mad he comapred a monster to hulk its not the avengers over here its evovle… And please fully read my last comment you appear to be skimming and reading what you want


All that happened was that MaddCow said that Hyde’s flamethrower Dot didn’t stop a Monster from being pounced. He then compared Hulk to a Monster because both aren’t heavily affected by bullets and rockets. You then even said-

He never said that Hulk is a Monster, he just compared him to one because they both possessed similar qualities. He even offered to step back when he thought you were angry with him.

His opinion is that Hulk has similar qualities with Monster in Evolve.

Suggestion: If you want to avoid getting pounced while in the hunt, have your minigun ready.

You didn’t say it, but it is heavily implied.

Honestly, @squirrelpouch387 we all got off on the wrong foot, there have been a lot of misunderstandings. :confused: Let’s all just start over.


You don’t seem subject to reasoning. This a thread you created for discussion on this topic. That doesn’t each and every reply has to be about the topic I’m just gonna leave it at that. Take it as you want.


Grammer police incoming. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn it I didn’t correct it in time. :joy:

Edit: You spelled grammer wrong. It’s grammar. :wink:


@XMetrusX @KomodoLover I get it, he’s being a tad ridiculous right now but there’s no sense in poking the bear.

@squirrelpouch387 I have a few things to say:

  1. If you are legitimately “mad” that @MaddCow compared two things which are very similar in terms of strength, then I feel you need to work on not being so sensitive. This is the internet, this is a forums, if someone insults you then you have the right to be mad, not when someone makes a comparison. That’s just ridiculous.

  2. You’re not being very reasonable if I’m being honest. A simple comparison got you mad at MaddCow because of his opinion to which you then said you are “so done eith evolve forums”. You then proceed to say things like “i also have an opinion and am expressit it sorry you cant handle someone opposing your opinion”. This is more focused toward you than MaddCow. Cow was being reasonable, he shared his opinion and was legitimately confused as to why you got “mad” over his opinion and then you proceeded to act like he was offended and you were the victim.

  3. Please just follow community guidelines. If you wish to leave the forums by all means, no one is forcing you to stay. If you do stay however please do not get so upset over a simple discussion. It’s a bit more than ridiculous to get upset over a comparison.


Research? :stuck_out_tongue: