Hyde artwork my homage to a baddass!


I thought seeing as Hyde is most baddass hunter in the game I would pay homage to our murderous rampage over the last few days, I am by no means a artist but felt compelled to show the this geezer some love.

its not finished yet but thought I would post the work in progress :wink:


Whenever I get 5 mins I add a bit more to this pic. Nearly finished!


finished what do you think guy’s?


Hey could you take this thread down and put your cool pic on the fan art thread .


wow nice (my drawings would make your eyes die there that bad lol)


Keep it the hell up, you rock!

You should draw more characters!


Yo, these drawings are really cool! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks guys I appreciate the positive feedback :slight_smile:


What’s you’re verdict guys? @MacMan and @SlabOMeat


Sweetness! We LOVE fan art!!! So good! Thanks!


Thanks man, much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Man that grim face is so spot on, nice work!