Hyde Adaptation Idea


Fun Idea, since I know that the Devs don’t actually check these sort of threads for legal reasons I shall post it here as primarily speculation.

So some (including myself) have speculated that we might get a Chemtrooper Hyde; now to me that is absolutely amazing and I’d love to see Hyde in all his Chemtrooper armor I’ve also come up with an idea for his toxic grenade since I haven’t seen many ideas.

My idea is that Hyde’s toxic grenades become flammable, they may do DoT to a much weaker degree but if Hyde uses his flamethrower (or whatever he may or may not have :wink:) then they gas cloud could ignite dealing significant damage to whatever is inside (excluding Hunters).

Another idea I once saw is that if Hyde does indeed get his Chemsprayer back unmodified then perhaps the toxic grenades could amplify the damage that the Chemicals do when eating away at the Monster.

All in all just ideas, seriously looking forward to new content.
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