Hyde a leftie?

I noticed Hyde throws his Toxic Grenades with his left hand. Found that kinda cool. Any other leftie hunters people Noticed?

With his flamethrower and minigun, Hyde’s always seemed kind of ambidextrous to me.


Doesn’t he fire he mini gun right handed?

It’s a minigun dude, not a pistol. He uses both


You’d still use it in a way that favors your dominant hand.

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I just occurred to me that Hyde would probably be able to throw the grenade farther with his right hand, seeing as it isn’t clad in a huge (and presumably heavy) gauntlet of metal.

Don’t think it matter’s cause either way your face is being melted in the end ^.^

Unless that gauntlet is some kind of Exo powered armour, ala sunnys arm.

Hyde also seems to be the least armored assault. Torvald’s got his chest exposed sure but hyde’s rocking an undershirt and metal overalls :stuck_out_tongue:

Hyde has his flamethrower-gauntlet thing, a shoulder pauldron, and a neck brace-like loop of metal.

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no hunters, but it seems goliath is a leftie
(grabs rock with left hand first, pics up hunters with his left hand etc)

He actually differs with the picking up animation. It depends on which side and/or angle you’re attacking from

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Bucket is ambidextrous.

oh, didn’t know that :sweat_smile:

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It’s all good! It took me a while to figure it out because who the hell really pays attention to the animations while you’re trying to win? Haha the rock throw animation though, I think you’re right with how it’s locked with a single animation :slight_smile:

Can symmetrical robots even have a dominant hand? 0.o

He isn’t symmetrical. Also Humans are symmetrical.

Bucket has a grabber hand on one arm and his GML on the other.

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You’ve clearly never met an amputee.

Or someone who’s got a disfigurement

Or any kind of injury.

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Point taken :stuck_out_tongue:

Since dominant hand is the name given to your hand you can perform certain tasks better with, Wouldn’t amputation, disfigurement, or injury give the term “dominant” hand to the previously “in dominant” hand because thereafter it would be the hand able to perform those certain tasks better?