Hunting the whimp


The basic design of the Wraith is flawed hard and I have no idea how it got past the design board in its current shape.

The design floats around killing the fun for the hunters to the point where they just cba to hunt and give up their lifes for the whimpmeister.

And when you have a team that can bring her down, you dont get the feeling of satisfaction from killing a monster, as you did not kill a monster, you killed an elusive whimp who just failed to run away for some reason.
Or maybe the design backfired and the wraith player got bored to tears and slashed wrists to get away from the round.

So even winning againts wraith is not fun.
Sounds like a massive design flaw.

Only thing the wraith is good for is farming masteries, need to have dart uptime for mastery? hunt a wraith… need to follow daisy? hunt a wraith. Need to rank up weps thro dmg? kill wildlife while wraith is feeding to get stage 3 because cba to hunt a whimp.
You get the point.

But once you have your masteries up leave the games with wraith and watch the matchmaking cooldown run down for a chance to get to hunt a real monster.
Whimpmeisters abilities.

Warp Blast:
Does what is says, warps and blasts the targets. This skill is fine.

Warps forward to grab something and then warps back. Skill is fine and usage should be encouraged.

Creates arena that makes hunters go down faster than anything if they are too stupid to sit down in it. Wrose yet, shines brighter than the sun itself and blinds those who are caught in the melee. the skill is easy to dodge if you have even 1 bar of jetpack fuel left and the common sense to spread out. Damage ranks up a lot with each stage the whimp evolves because hey, the whimp has to have a skill that allows him to melt assault with hank shielding him in 1on1 combat. Because choosing targets is hard.

Ridicilously low cooldown, Ridicilously high damage, and whimpmeister level utility.
Creates invincible clone that deals shit tons of dmg if you get caught by it and knocks you around like a ragdoll. Better yet makes you invisible and suspends all the trackins on you and makes them warp to the clone because magic. Atleast they go back to you after the clone disapears but you are at the other end of the map/dome by then.

Even when inside a dome, you can just decoy sneak to another hiding place(even while tagged) decoy vanishes, the hunters depending on their luck where they went to look when they saw the decoy are either close to you or even further away from you. The chances are high that your decoy is off the cooldown soonish anyway.

You should lose only 1-2 bars of armor max during a dome, and if you decide to feed while invisible you will lose none. Counters lazarus res hard as you can just decoy and eat the dead hunter because magic turns the splurting blood invisible.
Also couldnt throw a laz glove res on a hunter who was being eaten, finished the cast nothing happened. The res target was still visible after the cast as the wraith couldnt finish eating because of stray fire.

Traversal, Warp:
Warps a long way forward, can be spammed to escape a closing dome or pretty much anything. Combined with decoy stealth and warp blast warp you should never be caught in a place you dont want to be. Atleast it breaks your invisibility. For now.
So the wraith is OP,
OP because it is the only monster in game cabable of killing the essence of gaming, which is having fun.
No other char or monster is cabable of doing that. Even when you stomp the round againts wraith, the wraith still won as it has leeched your precious time away and devoured your fun.
How to fix it? Some suggestions that might help.

Abduction buff it so that every rank in it makes the range longer and the hitbox bigger. Longer range and easier to hit. Encourage peopel to kidnap people isntead of just slithering away like whimps.

Supernova Tune it down a bit, make it do less dmg againts shielded targets so that you have to actualy use your brains and pick your target.

Decoy is just horrible mess. and would love to see it removed but guess that is not possible.

While invisible any other action beside normal moving, sneaking and climbing should break it, also your speed should be reduced during invisibility and your footprints should become visible after the stealth breaks if you didnt sneak.

If you are tagged, the stealth should have 50% shorter duration.

While stealthed the clones damage should be reduced and all damage the clone takes should be channeled to your armors.

The cooldown should be higher so that you cannot avoid the fighting all together in domes and actualy force the whimp to make tactical decisions while using it. Use your cooldown to run away or fight the monsters. Cooldown reduction should be less effective for this skill or not to affect it at all.

Traversal Warp reduce the range and speed or make it only have 2 stacks, also give it a short cd between uses so that you cannot blast in to space when you see a dome go down.

I’m here to hunt Monsters, not whimps.
Hunting whimps is not fun, and hunting should be fun.


After the hundredth “whimp” I just stopped reading.

Clearly you don’t like fighting against Wraith. If that’s the case then just stop doing it and quit out when you see it. Balancing will be coming in the next few weeks I’m sure and if Wraith is as overpowered as some people believe then it’ll be handled accordingly.

P.S. It is a monster. Not everything has to fight the same way to be a monster. Goliath and Kraken have more health, armor, and AOE damage. They can fight at stage 1 reasonably well while Wraith players need to flee and get to stage 2 to really start fighting. They’re just different play styles.


I agree with @Hydrawolf here, just don’t play against wraith. Anyways you gonna have to make it fun for the monster as well. From what you said, you made it fun for the hunters but not fun for the wraith player. Supernova is fine, just get out of the dome and if the support had a brain, he should turn everyone invisible so they can escape wraith’s dome, because if you tone down wraith’s supernova, the wraith basically has no chance of winning. The only problem with wraith is the decoy and warp. How about the decoy does no damage or may be a little bit of damage and the warp range should be shorten.


Anyone got some tissues we can send this guy?.. XD


The problem is not how OP or UP the whimp is, and yes that is what i’m going to call it, if you cant handle it, it is not my problem. It is the fact how utterly unsatisfying and annoying it is to hunt one.

There is no reward for killing it, there is no joy in hunting it.

P.S. Might be good idea to get some basic math lessons. Counting is not hard. Also read the post. The whole point is that it is more fun to leave the game with wraith than to actualy hunt it.

If you find masochistic enough hunters willing to hunt a wraith, you should try out warp blast and abduction focussed built, they are not as nawb friendly skills as supernova but it is worth to try out these filler skills too and is more fun for the hunters too.
And I only suggested that supernova should do less damage againts shielded targets, it is easy to dodge and you only need to manage your jetpack fuel smartly to do it.
Decoy and Warp are the main culprits of making wraith a whimp and not a monster.


you still can swimm to get some exp


A stealth creature should never have been in a game about engaging fights.

Wraith is like its designed to run away.

I agree that the wraith is super unfun to play against.


The belief that the Wraith cannot fight at stage 1 is rooted in peoples inability to adapt to different play styles. The wraith is amazing for engaging the enemy on your own terms. You can’t just faceroll the hunters like with a Goliath.

It’s not only the monsters that are vulnerable at stage 1. The hunters desire to catch the monster before it evolves can work against them. Exploiting this can yield brilliant results. Hunters will ignore wild life and chase you like no tomorrow at stage 1. This can lead to them losing half their HP to a Megamouth or to chasing you so hard they split from the rest of the team. Confidence can be deadly, and I personally love exploiting over confident teams.

A little story from me (it’s about a stage 3 win, but still slightly relevant):

My favorite victory as a Wraith was in my first Wraith game. I was low on HP and at stage 3. The hunters were bunched up inside of a building by the reactor and I knew that if I engaged in it, on their terms, it I would die. So, instead, I faked an engagement inside the building and made it seem like, half way through my armor, that I realized I need to run. As I retreated they all ran outside the door one by one, expecting me to be running for my life, but knew that they shouldn’t chase too far so they ran back in. I used this chance to abduct the last person to run out and murdered him on the spot.


I have to agree that the base design of the Wraith is just awful - it’s design is completely out of place in a game like this. Considering they spend almost 12 months creating a monster, it looks like they simply had to double down on stupid once they’d gone too far to turn back.


I’m sure it was fun and all, but thats not the point.

The point is that if the wraith WANTS to run away, not much is stopping it, and it result in games where the hunters are running all over the place.

I don’t consider it OP, as I’ve won quite a lot of fights against it. Those fights have usually been a drawn out slug-fest though.


What does “out of place in a game like this.” mean? Should all the monsters be slow heavily armored sluggers like Goliath? Is that the kind of monster that “Fits”?..

If all the monsters need to play and control the same so they all “Fit”, then what the hells the point in having more than one monster to choose from?


Hardly so. Only the dull players spend the entire game running, and even then it’s a poor strategy that a decent team should be able to counter. What the Wraith really wants is a reason to engage. Something like a hunter getting attacked by wildlife, hunters straying from the pack, or a good location to fight.

Decoy is a lot better for disengaging than running. If we’re talking about simply running, the Kraken is substantially better at it. I’ve had long drawn out games with both the Kraken and the Wraith, most ended in loss for the monster. The people constantly running are simply improperly using the monster, and depriving themselves of tons of fun.


Designing a monster around frustrating the four hunters and avoiding all combat until stage 3, is bad design. Obviously people have different opinions, and some people say they enjoy fighting against wraith. I don’t know anyone personally who does, and going on leave rates in games, it seems like the majority of players don’t enjoy it.

I’ve won as much as lost against wraith, and they’re both equally shitty. Losing against a good goliath or kraken means it’s been a good, enjoyable fight. Winning or losing against a wraith are both equally soul-drainingly boring.

By the way, nowhere did I state that all monsters need to be like goliath or kraken. Saying wraith is badly designed doesn’t mean I want to be exactly like goliath, or like kraken - which you may notice are actually quite different from eachother already.


Again, running is not mandatory. Only the bad players run until stage 3, and only the bad players can’t catch a Wraith that runs until S3. I never go to S3 as Wraith, or any other monster for that matter, unless I’m forced into it due to a poor engagement.


He seems to be having fun, but wait. The Wraith is broken and unfun to fight, so how can this be?

Maybe he appreciates the fact that you have to fight the wraith differently than you do the other monsters, and appreciates the challenge… Do gamers still do that?


EXACTLY, they are denying themselves AND us a ton of fun. Which is the main problem.


It’s not a balancing issue however. People just need time to learn to play. I’ve faced off against Krakens and Goliaths that do the same exact thing.


But, some people get very skilled at running away, with the Wraith.
It becomes their unfun playstyle.


Just means people have to get good at catching a running Wraith. Once running becomes a poor strategy people will adapt.


It is fun to play against it killing it is rewarding it feels good to out play anyone decoy doesn’t last long and CD doesn’t start till stealth ends or support player need to play better. Seriously you can kill it in one dome just tag it with a track dust tag it tranq it or fuck light it on fire. Jesus learn the mechanics of weapons you use.

Play as the wraith doesn’t kill fun when I play against them I just direct my team they then enjoy the fight. Once you understand the counterplay envolved you cab enjoy the monster.