Hunting Season Pass Questions

If I purchase the Hunting Season Pass, will it work as other season passes in other games? If I have the Hunting Season Pass, will I be able to get the Behemoth for free? Or will I still have to pay the $15? Also, will the Hunting Season Pass contain other items in the future, or do you only get the extra Hunters and Monster skins?

Hunting season pass gives you magma skins for all 3 existing monsters and access to 4th tier, 5th tier and two 6th tier hunters upon their release. I’m not sure about behemoth.

Er, Hunting season pass gives you T4 hunters, magma skins for all 3 monsters, and nothing else.


Then where did I get my access to tier 5 and two tier 6 hunters?

Either a separate “hunting season pass”, or have to buy them separately or in a bundle, similar to how the in-game store is laid out right now.

Well I got the monster race edition. I’m good to go lol

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Bingo. And I’m sure TRS thanks you for that. Haha. Wish they had some sort of similar bundle for us console “peasants” that make up a large majority of the install base…

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Yea I thought it was slightly unfair that monster race wasn’t available to consoles but I understand because it’s a reference to the “pc master race”

So it’s not really a season pass? It’s just a few extra things?

Correct. Unfortunate naming that happens to have “Season Pass” in it. Good job 2K.

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I hope they’ll have one available.

Monster race edition. That’s why you have access to 5th Monster and 2 T5 hunters, not the HSP.