Hunting Season 2 Teaser Hype Reaction


i found this Video on Youtube and damn this Crowd was insane hyped O.O
really love how they scream when Gorgon shows up xD

i hope if we get a T6 and a reveal teaser i hope it will be like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahahahaha memories!


Hahaha that’s bad ass


I remember that moment, we was with friends at 6 AM CEST, watching the livestream.

And we was like HOOOOOO OMGGGG OOHH YEAAAAAH (print screen, print screen, print screen)


i cri errytim


Aww, memories! I remember sitting here watching the stream with my friends and our crazy excitement over that reveal. And then DB was like, “There’s more!” and they showed the Lennox trailer. It was awesomeee!

Ahh, good times. :smile:


yeah to bad that guy didnt has record the Lennox reveal would love to see that -.- damn i really miss that time :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too. :frowning:


I remember all the twitter tweets and I tuned in that night when my dad left so I stayed up later :stuck_out_tongue: and I got so hyped I was jumping on my mom’s bed telling @LorenTheGinger about it


does gorgon even have that roar in game?


Nope, they changed up the noises sadly. I would’ve had chills sent down my spine every single time if she did


they should bring it back in somewhere possibly a damage sound that all the monsters make at times I think it happens rarely