Hunting Parties: A Monster Hunter Thread


So, after saying months ago that this should be a thing and then never actually bothering to make it, here it is, a thread for people to exchange the necessary details to form groups in Monster Hunter. Whether that be 3U, 4U, or the upcoming Generations. Just be sure to mention which game(s) you play.

I’ll go first, here. Since that makes sense.
Playing 4U, will play Generations at some point.

Friend Code:
5000 - 4938 - 2165


I made a thread for this already…


Reason I made this a seperate thread was so that people could put their FC, etc, here and we could have an easy to scroll through list of people and whatever MonHun game they’re playing for other players to look at rather than having to scroll through an entire thread’s worth of conversation along with it.

Made sense in my mind to keep this kind of particular thing more easily navigated.


That makes sense but I was gonna put FC’s in the top