Hunting Guilds


Evolve needs a way for players to more often play with people they’ve found enjoyable to hunt with. We all have found a match or two where we clicked with the other players. The best solution for this is schedule meet ups. A good example is coaching sessions where you play with like minded players. As an added bonus it improves players and therefore improves matches. One example of this is @MaddCow coaching sessions. I don’t know who else is coaching but if your reading this please post a link to your coaching group. We could even later have competitive matches between these coaching groups (let’s call them guilds less wordy)

What's the fate of evolve?

Yeah a hunting clan/guild seems like a dope idea


Hopefully this will keep the game stable and even allow it gain interest again. It’s too good a game to die from bad marketing. cough 2K cough


@MaddCow could you post the link to your coaching thread and/or your coaching “guild” itself?



I personally love the idea for a Clan/Guild. I’ve wanted it for awhile, but I doubt it will actually be implemented inside the game.


What I intend is a community organized by us. We just need people to coach or at least host sessions where they have people in a group get together at whatever times they agree on. @MaddCow is a good example. He’s even going to setup a calendar.


Yes, I know about Maddcow’s community. ^.^


Sooon!! And by soon I mean tomorrow :smiley:


At least you didn’t mean soon, as the vague term. Soon can mean any time in the future.

Like if I said the sun was going to explode soon, I could mean 500 billion years. Comparing it to the time the universe has been around, any event in the future can be “soon” depending on your perception of time.
Soon, such a meaningless word. ^.-


For PC players this now an option, we’re a fresh Steam group (currently at 100 members) but our goal is to provide a place where Evolve players can come & find other players to team up with. We are for the casual & competitive players alike. We have members from around the globe.

Take a look & if you’re interested join us on Shear.


This would be great at fo consoles as its harder to find players you have played with anyone on xbox