Hunting + evolving = consistent fun?


Most reviews on Evolve say that the game is inconsistent in terms of the hunting experience. Playing the monster is fun pretty much all the time and guarantees enough motivation to continue the cat-and-mouse game. The reason may lie in the fact that the monster has to solve multiple tasks at the same time. At the beginning it has to eat a lot to evolve and you have to hide and sneak. After evolving you can choose whether you go for the hunters to kill them all or you can focus on the power relay. All this can be achieved in different tactically ways.

So I did some research how motivation goes up and down during playing Evolve. My results are based on my own experience and on the opinions of two other persons. I’m aware of the problem, that the results are only tendencies. I would need up to 60 people so that I can do real statistics like correlations etc. but there are some strong tendencies that might stand for important facts.

On the one hand there are no doubts that there have to be periods in the game during a hunting round where the hunters have to look for the monster. If there are only fights, the game would become boring at least in the long term because these fights aren’t that exciting anymore. Hunting includes to look for the monster.

But on the other hand there are situations where it gets really frustrating especially when one good monster plays against a hunting team that isn’t that experienced. The risk that frustration leads the hunters to give up by quitting the game or something else is quite frequently and it would be a shame if that problem kills the basic concept of the game at this point. So how can this problem be solved?

An idea would be to give the hunters some tasks beside their main goal. The basic idea is that the hunters (each class) can evolve during the game by doing x amount of damage to creatures (assault class) or following the foot prints for x amount of meters (trapper class) etc. As a reward the hunter is able to improve one of his abilities to some extent. The balancing as a whole should be changed as well so that fairness is ensured globally.

I’m not sure whether this is a good solution to the problem but that’s why you guys can now debate on that. Maybe you have a better idea that would fit perfectly into the existing game.


Sometimes you just got to realize that cheese attracts mice, and not force a way to get chipmunks to go after it the same way.


Does this imply that the game demands a certain level of tolerance and if you don’t have that you shouldn’t play it?


It implies that this game breaks a lot of gaming tropes, traditions and moulds. Not everyone will enjoy it. It is a ‘Hunting’ game, not a FPS, and not a stealth game, though it has components of both. I feel that the thrill of the chase alone is plenty of carrot/stick that needing to add anything else waters down the original intent.


You articulated that much better then I could but my feelings are the same