Hunting Down Wraith and Winning (Mostly)


I have fought the Wraith around 8 or 9 times so far. My friend and I won consistently except against one particular player who we struggled against in 4 games. I have posted links below for those who are interested. My friend is an exceptional healer who has a lot of experience healing in a wide variety of video games.

Series of 4 Tough Battles. I will not spoil the outcomes but it is not all bitter.

Other Wraith Fights:

Wraith seems very balanced as it is right now. It just takes time to adjust your hunting style for it. As players become better hunters, Wraith will have to work even harder to stay alive. I do not think it is fair for people still learning a game to judge something too strong.

P.S. I am using an Xbox One and my home network is shared so the quality is only 1400kps. I am not interested in comments about video quality unless the same person sends me money to upgrade my internet infrastructure.

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Edit2: Also, we do catch Wraith before Stage 3. You just have to learn a different style of hunting and have an excellent trapper. The wraith can actually dash out of your dome before it deploys with full 3 stamina. Your teammates have to NOT shoot it when it hasn’t noticed you so that you can get close enough to trap it. This is something that would be helpful when hunting all monsters.

Edit3: I went back and observed the decoy in my Hyde match at the dam, and I agree that you cannot burn it down quicker. It does not appear to expire from any reasonable amount of damage. So your medic will have to pick up the healing pace to deal with that damage as well.


Nice to see the other side supported with evidence and in a non “git gud” sort of way.

That being said…I feel that the main concern is that Wraith is showing data that was very similar to Kraken during the Big Alpha (OP Kraken Era). @MacMan said that they made a couple litte tweaks to how Kraken was and now Kraken and Goliath have almost 50% WLR. The only issue with wraith is that she had around 74% WLR (68% WLR for over level 15 hunters).


The decoy’s health isn’t the main problem, it’s the fact that it can be spammed very frequently because the cooldown is short and a Wraith can just deploy a decoy and score a hit that deals 30% of the Hunter’s HP without much risk.

I’ve beaten one of the higher tier Wraiths who’s name is Mayhem Straits I believe, which I had no idea until I checked the leaderboards and won 3 out of 4 times and the entire matches involved fighting decoys, it’s not freaking fun.


Decoys quickly go down to and Flamethrower. Also, I tried to anticipate her target and shoot flames or drop AoE, traps etc in her path. Of course, that applies more during a dome fight when she is not trying to run. Still, you will see us successfully catch up and trap her.

Edit: I stand corrected. After reviewing footage, the decoy cannot be dispersed early.


People have never seen the Wraith before and are struggling just like with Kraken. My friend and I beat Kraken everytime with 2 randoms in the Big Alpha. I also won every time playing Kraken. This game demands that hunters execute with a high degree of skill and try to maneuver and out think their opponents. It is a very different skill set from many games on the market currently.


While you’re dealing with that decoy the Wraith will be in hiding which is more than enough time for a competent Wraith. If you don’t have your Assault or team mates dealing with it that’s free 30% damage coming your way.


Which is why you need a competent medic to handle it. Inverse healed against amazing damage and the players usually were good about getting out of the way as much as possible. Damage that gets healed doesn’t mean anything. :slight_smile:


Ok, but when this situation happens so frequently in a match it becomes boring. This isn’t an isolated incident, this happens like 30 times in a single Wraith match against someone who’s competent.


What are you people taking about? The Decoy doesn’t have any health, it fades with time. The higher the skill level, the longer it takes to fade, so shooting it is a complete waste of focus.

Is that why so many people keep shooting the damn thing even though the real one is escaping all the while?


I totally agree. However there is no harm in making the small tweaks that have been mentioned already (ie longer cooldown on Decoy) since they have been shown to help get the numbers to where the Dev’s want them to be since it has worked in the past. What is interesting is that level 15 players still lose 2 out of every 3 encounters with the Wraith, we’re not talking noobs here, and that may warrant some fine tuning of the Wraith.


While I had thought that was the case prior to the beta, I would have to disagree. I could definitely burn it down as assault whereas when I was the trapper using an SMG, it stayed the full duration.

Edit: I stand corrected. I went back to review footage and the decoy cannot be dispersed early. Your medic will just have to deal with that damage.


MacMan himself said so (not having health) on the Evolve Questions and Answers thread.
Besides, Decoys can destroy mines and stay under bombardment because of this.


Its possible to beat a sub-par wraith with an exceptional hunter team (I mean Im sure we’ve all beaten wraiths by now). Against exceptional wraith players, never going to be it.


I have a crew I play with and we weren’t particularly impressed with wraith. We only lost against one once, and one of us lagged out in the beginning of that match. It was still an awesome match. It came down me needing maybe 1 third of a second to finish him. I’m curious how many of the people calling the wraith OP actually have a full team and communicate well. One good barrage from hank will absolutely ruin a wraith. Arc mines are great against wraith as they force it to attack from where you want it to in the right areas. Griffins harpoon is wonderful if you’re behind him. Sometimes you can even make him waste a big chunk of his ability where does more damage. I think it’s called supernova? The wraith is a paper tiger. Now, am saying the wraith absolute perfection where it is right now? No, but I’ve seen people suggest nerfs that would cripple the wraith.


The info about decoy not taking damage (only disappearing after time or wraith cancelling it) came from the Devs IIRC.


I am worried about premature changes. There is a degree of learning to hunt a new creature. That was the second Wraith player we had encountered, and the best that we ever did encounter. The eventual win was not a stroke of luck. You see an increased number of successful domes and greater pressure on the Wraith as the matches wore on.


It is easy to make an absolute statement. Unfortunately, there is rarely proof sufficient to back it up. I prefer to not make all or nothing statements.


The Wraith is a lot of fun to hunt and fight. It is exciting and the good wraith is very tricky and constantly on the move. It is the way that fighting each monster is so very different in this game that keeps hunts exciting.


This might be off topic, but you said you won 4 tough games then said you didn’t want to spoil Though I haven’t watched the videos yet so I could be wrong.


Hah. No, I won consistently except against one player. Those matches were not 4 victories.