Hunters youngest to oldest?


What do you believe everyone’s age is?


Sunny is 44 judging her voice


Youngest I believe is Sunny, early 20s.
Oldest is Griffin, mid to late 50s.


Lazarus might be older, don’t know though


Yeah, pretty sure Laz would be older. ^.-


Sunny and Caira should be the youngest


you all lose the youngest answer…DAISY or gobi…would be the youngest hunter…just saying



Bucket is the youngest cause robots don’t age


I think Caira is close to Val’s age than Sunny. Val looks and feels like she could be in her early 30s while the design and even the voice of Sunny is barely 20s. I think that was her thing man. Teen angst and all that stuff.


I believe Bucket is about as close to Cabot’s age, I remember hearing a conversation of Bucket talking about working with Cabot in his earlier days. I don’t remember the particular subject but I’m sure it’s cabbage related.


sunny is suppost to be 16 isnt she?

while caira seems and acts like early 20


I feel like a pedophile swooning over sunny then :cold_sweat:


She should be around 18 or 19. She was sixteen during the events of the sword stories, which are supposed to be 2 or 3 years prior to the events of the game I believe.


I think she’s more around 19 and 20 is as high as I would go for her.

Don’t freak out, swoonng over Sunny is ephebophilia not pedophilia. It’s common and is considered norm in the majority of the world, it’s an American thing to freak out over ephebs. (and must be a European thing not to freak out i guess :laughing: )

It seems that has is on her way into womanhood.


Okay so
Sunny: the youngest. Probably 18/19
Caira: 20’s
Val/Maggie/Abe/Parnell/Hyde/Markov/Torvald: all in there 30’s
Cabot/Crow: 40’s
Griffin/hank/laz: 50’s with Lazarus being the oldest
Bucket and slim???


Sunny 19 or really early 20s
Caira mid 20s, maybe later because it takes time to be a “doctor/scientist” but just looks younger for some fanservice.
Val, Maggie, early 30s
Slim early 30s judging from the time line.
Abe, Parnel Torvald mid to late 30s
Hyde, Markov 40s for sure, Hyde was a bit younger than Laz during the battle of Sabah.
Laz, Cabot, Crow, Hank and Grifin are in 50s

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Age from youngest to oldest (In my opinion):



why bucket the oldest.(at oldest bucket could be 30 because of the timeline) And hank is mid/late 50’s mod confirmed. And im pretty sure cabot and laz are in late 40’s but those are your opinions.


I don’t think Lazarus is as old as people believe he is. The use of the Lazarus device simply makes him look the way he is. I’d say 40’s, but not 50’s.