Hunters with the least synergy

With the reveal of Jack I’ve seen a lot of talk about the best team combinations, but I’m curious as to what hunters really don’t mix well. I wouldn’t say there’s a completely useless team combination, but definitely some that are weaker than others.

For me hunters that don’t mix too well are:

  • Val + Bucket - Val’s the medic with the least survivability and Bucket provides no defence. (Val isn’t too great with Cabot either for similar reasons, but due to the threat he is to the monster with the amp he adds pressure taking a bit off Val.)
  • Laz + Parnell - Mainly due to the fact that Laz lacks consistent healing and Parnell needs to sacrifice health in order to reach his full potential. I know Parnell could just use the health regen perk, but really pairing him with another medic so he can choose another perk would make him much stronger.
    -Torvald + Abe/Crow - Torvald will have a much easier time landing his mortars with the help of harpoons, but a skilled Torvald could still make this combo work.

They’re the main ones I could think of, what others combinations don’t work too well?

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I would like to argue that a laz/ parnell combo would make an exceptional pair. Regen perk is already very viable on Parnell, and combo his SS shotty with Laz’s rifle, and that can rack up some mean damage.

For completly horrible pairings though, I would say off the top of my head is cabot and lazarus. I know that the amp-rifle combo can be devastating with a good bullet type assault (Parnell, namely), but that makes the team incredibly fragile, with nearly no defensive capabilities. I suppose it could work with a powerful trapper, but it would take quite a bit of communication between hunters.

Caira + Sunny comes to mind because a good start is to boost straight up in the air and then have Val heal you, but with Caira she won’t be able to hit her grenades. The healing in general would be inconsistent with people boosting everywhere. Not to say it couldn’t work, because it can, just giving an example.

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Medics like Slim and Laz who have no healing from afar definitely need a Support like Hank or Sunny to back them up. So to group Slim or Laz up with Cabot and Bucket is a lot riskier.
Medics like Caira and Val benefit from Trappers like Abe and Crow I think because they can constantly slow down the monster with stasis which gives them more freedom in their own mobility.
On the other hand Assaults like Markov and Hyde are a perfect match for Maggie and Griffin as both have area denial tools and benefit from Harpoons over stasis.

This is all my personal opinion and there might be some Pro`s in here proofing me wrong with some technical terms and mathematical formulas but so be it :confused:

Laz + Lenny is bad imo its just so easy to damage them especially when your support is bucket or cabot.

Cabot and Laz actually work great together if they both know what they are doing. Here is how it would work. You get into a fight, trapper goes down, monster body camps obviously. Everyone spreads out, the amp goes up and the assault applies double the pressure combined with weak spots. Trapper gets revives and the monster is on 1/4 health and feeling the pressure of the insane, hyper aggresive style of hunting. Granted this works much better when the monster gets caught at stage 1 but you get the idea. Plus if you are fighting Brohemoth and he uses rock wall to eat, he’ll be met with rail cannon rounds to the skull.

If there’s a Laz in the group, it tends to make most sense to take health regen. Unless perhaps if you want to take jetpack regen if you’re trapper to be able to dome the monster.

Especially assaults, as they can regen a fair bit of health while their personal shield is up.

Added to which, Laz’s healing is pretty decent now :smiley:

I’d go with Laz + Bucket. Not necessarily having the least synergy, but just the lowest overall win possibility.

Sure you can (attempt to) counter my statement by saying Bucket works great for punishing bodycampers, making Lazarus’ job much easier.

But exactly what will keep the dome up?
Medic doesn’t have a healing output that comes even close to keeping the Trapper alive.
All the Support has to offer is a Cloak.

The dome will be down before health damage can be done. Add the fact that Bucket has the tendency to arrive late at the occasional dome and you’ve got yourself a 10-minute walking simulator until you get utterly destroyed at the Relay.

I like the Laz + Bucket combo and I’ve really, really tried to make it work.
Honestly though, outside of Arena mode, none of the stage 1 or stage 2 domes will make a dent in the Monster’s health bar and I doubt that’s going to change with Hunt 2.0.
(Although pairing Bucket with another Medic might just be about viable now, yay!)

Same with Cabot then ?..

I guess, but at least Cabot deals his damage in a more threatening and faster burst, perhaps forcing the Monster away for a bit.
Strange considering Bucket is the area-denial Support, but as a Monster player his supposed “area-denial” play has always been a big joke to me.
Let’s see how wrong I am about him when the patch goes live.

Not to mention that if we’re talking about the average pub players, at least Cabot will arrive at the dome before it’s too late.

My experience is that many Monster players risk the damage if they can take out the Medic instead because if the Medic is gone they can take out the remaining Hunters easily and neither Cabot nor Bucket can do anything about this. I always prefer to have Sunny or Hank in my team.

Trapper tends to be the first one focused with no defensive support so if you have a laz he’s best off with a defensive perk like jetpack. HP regen works too but it won’t be useful in the fight most of the time. HP regen works really well for the support or assault cause support cloaks and assault gets ignored most of the time. Laz should got reload cause of more cloak more bursts.

Worst hunter team combo would probably be Val, Bucket, Crow, and any assault will do. Crows bad in that combination because he slows the monsters movement but it won’t be enough to keep the monster off of val like griffin or maggie or probably jack. Abe would work better than crow because of the ease of the slows and how much damage he can do with that shotty of his.

Ummm… Slim has a drone to heal you from afar. Just saiyan
But if you mean like if you’re being targeted by the Monster from across a dome, then the Slim player needs to move and always be in range of the Monster.

you are right of course about his healing drone sorry for the confusion my post may have caused but indead my point was with regards to healing team mates that are being attcked by the monster.

Cabot and Laz actually have some of the best Support/Medic synergy in the game, especially if the both of them are running Reload Speed and are coordinated enough to keep Laz nigh-on perma-cloaked.

And then there’s just how much Cabot can help punish a corpse camping monster.

I think you replied to the wrong person, lol. I know Laz Cabot is a tested and working comp.

I think everyone saying that Laz/Cabot can not do healthdamage before the trapper goes down is just used to the damage output of a team with a shielding Hank. If you know how it is very common to do health damage before the first down and then scare the monster off the body. (As shown by competitive teams in ESL)