Hunters with high ping <= favored ?!


I have a question regarding high ping in Evolve. First, how can I know this ? How can I see ping of the other players ? preferably BEFORE the match starts ?

And second - is it me or actually high ping favors ==> hunters ?!

I had a match against Rogue Val (+Hank +WLM of course +Markov) and it was so crazy, that I accused this Val guy for cheating. Three or four times happened, that in the midst of battle, I was having him in front me me, bashing him strongly, at the last 3-5% health and suddenly … bam! … he teleports 30 meters away AND is having 90% health back. That literally made me lose that match. For THIS particular reason.

Every time it happened I was “investing” my armor/health, stayed in one place - hunters shooting me like crazy - just to finish this guy who was at his last slice of health. And every time he was out of it with virtually full health, far away from my position !

So, how is it ? Is hunters lag favoring them ?
That would be the first game I have ever seen, which rewards poor network connectivity, rather than punishes ! :confused:


Doesn’t favor them imo. Ever tried playing Caira with 300 ping? Have fun with grenades having a 5 second delay before exploding lol.


Trust me. It swings both ways.

My team and I lost the community tournament a few months ago because the Monster had hosting rights and we were all stuck with 200 ping. Unplayable. From the first Abduction through the wall, we knew we didn’t stand a fair chance.

Some players mitigate their high ping problem by picking characters that don’t necessarily benefit from high ping but aren’t bothered as much by it, such as Laz, Val, Bucket and Abe.
Characters like Caira, Slim, Hank, Griffin and Markov (Blitzkov especially) are downright unplayable with lag.

So sorry mang, I wouldn’t say lag favors Hunters. In my experience it’s quite the opposite safe from the occasional scenario that Hunters teleport a little too conveniently or Laz gets away with a questionable revive.

You can check players’ ping during the match using the player tab.
Before the match actually starts, Evolve “forgets” showing you this information. In other words, Evolve’s like “Fuck it. Pff, lag doesn’t matter. Lag is a made up word. Here, I’ll make sure you can’t see your ping until it’s too late to back out!”.
I don’t play ranked anymore. But when I did, the above dumb mindset on Evolve’s end caused me to always quickly open up the opponents’ Steam profile, check country and if it’s too far away I’d immediately back out before it’s too late.
This is one of multiple reasons I despise private Steam profiles with a passion.

If you want to get a taste of your ping before the match starts, the only way to do so is by paying close attention at the character select screen. When you pick a character (let’s say Hank), there’s a delay before “HANK” appears at the bottom of the screen right above/below your in-game name. If it happens instantly there’s nothing to worry about.
If there’s a small delay then the amount of milliseconds it took to update is the exact ping you have in milliseconds.
In other words, if “HANK” appears about half a second after you picked him, you know you’re basically fucked.


From my experience on ps4 playing Evolve for over a year bad ping doesn’t benefit the hunter at all maybe your ping was bad aswell making it even worse.Every game i check my ping all you have to do is click the options button and you see everyone’s ping,generally speaking the monster gets the better ping but not all the time.

I play with some Aussies that regularly play on 200+ ping when they play with me and they’re silver expert,don’t know how they do it but it just shows 200ms is still playable i guess at high end!