Hunters win the Evac. Now what


So you see at the end of Evac everyone escapes but… what about the hunters that have been left behind to fight? What happens to them when they constantly fight the infinite monsters?


We don’t know, thats the fun part.


Well it kinda sucks because it may still be a victory for the monsters. Especially after an hour of gaming.


All of them die, except for Lazarus, who found the tier 4 characters and is bringing them back to help. Then, Torvald kills all the monsters while Sunny boosts Laz around reviving people.

It’s the only option.


Slim and Crow?


Who cares?


Now you have half of the forums pissed of. Never say you hate a hunter.


I actually like Slim and Crow, because they’re balanced well (although I despise the spore launcher and always will). They don’t matter to this part of the story because they can’t defeat a dozen monsters by themselves.


How is that fun? I see it as that they weren’t creative enough to come up with a good story or we’ll maybe not the creative part but lazy.