Hunters Win MOnster failed to destroy the relay


= weak, anti climactic, bad AI ending…

Can you please buckle down on tuning monster AI?

It makes me not want to play coop…


Hasn’t happened to me very often, 2 times to be exact, it doesnt look like a major problem but probably will be fixed at some point imo, most of the time the monster is killed before he even reaches stage 2, but he does sometimes reach stage 3 but that only happens if your team is terrible tbf.


Yea thats kinda the thing that irks me .
My teams were terrible (im not so great myself ) and it should have made it to stage 3…but x2 in a row we just ran out of time chasing it and it only made it to stage 2.


know the feeling, i do believe that it needs fixing, but trs’s to do list is probably fucking massive at the moment and its a bummer that some ga,e-changing bugs wont be fixed until later on :pensive: