Hunters win before match even starts


I just started a game in ranked, as Wraith vs 4 hunters. Game starts, and before the intro animation even finishes, I get a Hunter’s Win message and the game ends. Literally a second into the game.

Lost ranking, game recorded a loss.

The hell?


Hackers. Report them all. If TRS gets enough reports on any of those individual people, they will be banned.



In Steam: go to View, Players, Recent Games. Report their profiles to


Yeah, same here. Now people are doing it in co-op VS AI to not piss off real players xD


I don’t know if I’d report all of them, cause if enough people do that then 3 actually innocent people will be banned along with the filthy hacker… :\


But if the one hacker keeps hacking and switches lobbies, then the 3 innocents will only have 1 report and be fine.


Unless there is a low population. I often get matched with the same person multiple times in a row. With enough RNG, an innocent person can get banned for nothing. :frowning:


Sucks to suck. If they stay with someone they know is a hacker, they are purposefully enabling the the hacker and allowing them to give them free wins.


They wouldn’t be able know which person was the hacker. And so wouldn’t know if they should leave the lobby or not.


In normal (not coop) matches it could have been the monster going out of the map to get the 10x XP


If you notice that this hack happens, which is the “Hunters win automatically” hack, you leave that queue. It’s easy.


So…if I know there is a hacker playing then I shouldn’t play?


That’s not what I said


Oh sorry. Legit misunderstood. :\

EDIT: But wait by the time you knew there was a hacker how could you get out of the queue?