Hunters vs Wraith, most boring fight ever


No, this is not another wraith is OP or wraith UP thread, I’m just stating my opinion and I just can’t handled these wraith players who just run, I mean, I have been in good teams that don’t do the the cat and mouse chase and we always dome the players, but the only thing that the players does is run left and right and we hunters don’t get to do anything, that’s not fun, it’s forcing us to wait till he gets stage 3 and we usually win because we set up mines,cabot, abe… you know, it’s not loosing or winning, it’s just boring fighting her and I’m a very good wraith player and I always choose feeding rate 3 stars so I can take the fight to them at stage 2, because I know how boring it is to wait. What are your thougts or maybe tips of this?


Most people agree with you. Some will come in and say you need to learn the game better but I totally disagree. It’s not that its OP its just super boring.




Typically I’ve only played as wraith on solo and prefer Goliath in mp because it ends up resulting in more fun for both teams. I wish I could tell you how to make the game more interesting against wraith but the problem is I can’t really offer advice on how to adapt with other players playing wraith. Most wraith players like to play cat and mouse till level three and even then they keep running in my experiences. Maybe the devs have posted something on here in regards to this


This thread title is incorrect.

You clearly’ve never seen two metapods duke it out.


If I play wraith, which is very rare, I will fight if I get domed. However, if I don’t get domed I’m not going to try and get strikes, I’m going to keep on sneaking.


That’s understandable


Hardest fight ever tho


I know right? It’s bound to end with a struggle.


My goal is to survive to stage 3 and either destroy the generator or kill the hunters. So you want me to compromise future integrity so you can somehow enjoy the other persons loss? When would you want me to leave, when I have no armor? One or two bars of health lost? Would you just want me to circle around the map not really doing much?

I am now 17-1 as the wraith I’ve won at all stages of the fight. So you want me to sacrifice my win/loss so you can have an easier fight? I am also 5-0 as the Kraken and 4-1 as the Goliath. I favor the play style of the wraith very much.


No worries, you can be happy doing that and let the others have no fun, it’s ok, no need to be mad, just stating my opinion and I’m not asking for an easier fight, like I said, I have won tons of matches as Wraith in stage two and I do not make it easier for them, so calm your tits, you winning doesn’t change the fact that the fight is boring for hunters and I’m I forcing you to lose or try another strategy? No, I just want a balance in happines :smiley:


This applies to every monster for me: I be as silly as possible.

I trail people as a goliath, set up ragetraps on kraken, and pretend to be armadon intestines as a wraith.

None of it ever works.


Lol, I sometimes wait for them in the beggining as wraith and just hang with them XD


SOME DAY, the intestines gambit will be a part of the game’s meta, MARK MY WORDS!


Of course you do. Wraith is baby easy brain dead mode. Maybe even worse, a dead person could properly win by muscle cramps. I have won EVERY fight as wraith, and I’m horrible at monster. Winning with Wraith is nothing to be proud of lol. Just to make a point, then I got thrown into a game as the Wraith while I still only had the Goliath, I was stage 2 and won without a sweat. It’s ridiculous.


to be honest i think its the same with people that are good with kraken. people that can escape really good its a long boring match no matter what monster imo.


I have wins under every monster at all stages.

So my question went unanswered and that’s fine. You want us to sacrifice our win so you can find a bit more enjoyment out of the game.

Regardless of monster you won’t see me unless I want to be seen. And when you do see me it is probably a trap involving another predator. That is part of the game. Adapt or go extinct.

Don’t blame the role, blame the player. When I am a hunter with my group we win nearly all our matches because of map awareness. Really not that hard.


Good for you.


Well damn you are delusional. It would have been funny had it not been so sad… Damn dude.


So what do you want? Should I leave the S1 fight with no armor or wait a little bit longer until I am a bar or two down in health? How often do you want me to come and engage the hunters? So tell me what strategy works best here.