Hunters vs their tier's monster



Tier 1 Battle- Markov, Val, Maggie, Hank VS Goliath

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tier 1 Adaptation Battle- Blitz Markov, R.Val, WL Maggie, TS Hank VS Meteor Goliath

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tier 2 Battle- Hyde, Lazarus, Griffin, Bucket VS Kraken

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tier 3 Battle- Parnell, Caira, Abe, Cabot VS Wraith

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tier 4 Battle- Torvald, Slim, Crow, Sunny VS Behemoth

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tier 5 Battle- Lennox, Emet, Jack, Kala VS Gorgon

  • Hunters win
  • Monster wins

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Tiers vs. their monsters

For the T2, if hunters play it right, they would win. Griffin has a lot of pull, and can be a hindrance on the chase. Bucket can cloak and assist Griffin in the domes, whilst Laz stays safe outside for a while.

Depends on the punish that can be dished.

T5, could work for hunters. Kala sets teleporters well, and Jack assists EMET in getting away. We had a custom game with this yesterday and Gorgon almost got S1’d. Got a S2 evolve, capitalized on a few mistakes, and then managed to wreck by farming strikes.


I’m thinking in tier 1, the monster benefits from high burst damage, the ability to hardfocus a hunter down and his jumping traversal. The hunters counter this perfevtly with tranqs, harpoons, shielding on demand, and strong one person healing. Goliaths only advantahe is that flame breath does wonders against deployables. Hunters win though.

Tier 1.5 is the same in the opposite way. The monster is designed to spread out damage, so in comes a medic who can constantly spread out her healing and a support who can spread out shields. Hunters probably win again.

Tier 2 has what it takes to kill kraken. A good laz is a devent counter to kraken while bucket has decent weaponry against it, the harpoon gun works well enough and hydes no pushover, buuuut kraken is too good, since a good kraken is also a great counter to laz and can stay out of flame range. Maybe if they had stasis. Monster wins.

Tier 3 could melt wraith very fast if they are skilled. Cabot+parnell are just scary, buuut they are also tough to use. Parnell isnt gonna do anything if wraiths focusing him or skywraithing, and I feel like stasis doesnt work as well against wraith as other ccs. If they are on equal skill levels then Im goving it to wraith.

Tier 4 is behemoths end. They have the perfect kits to exploit his size, speed, lack of an aerial ability, melee focus etc. Mortars + jetpack booster + armor piercing rifle + spores is death. Hunters take it with 0 strikes.

Tier 5 is a bit more odd, Lenox doesnt do as well against gorgon as other assaults, but Emet and Kala really make it hard for it to focus on one spot, Jack also does pretty well I think (I’ve seen the least of this tier, so I may be uninformed). I’m thinking they take it in a long-ish match. Hunters win


I personally don’t see how Gorgon could possibly end up killing her tier of hunters. Her damage is too inconsistent, where as EMET’s healing buoys can easily be placed in locations that don’t suffer too badly from the acid spray. Not to mention that Jack can prevent the monster from using its positioning to its advantage; not even mentioning the teleporting out of the dome possibilities along with a buoy outside of the dome, or the endless chasing capacity of Lennox.

The thing that I find truly disturbing though is how (thus far) everyone is agreeing that Behemoth would lose.


Uh, Tier 2 would be a complete massacre.

Kraken is bad enough to fight without shields, but he also hard-counter Bucket and Griffin have aboslutely no self defense other than his jetpack so he would be stun locked and gibbed within the first 5 seconds of the dome. And Kraken can easily kill three people by the time it takes Laz to get one hunter back up, assuming the Kraken decides to not go for Laz first.

As for tier 3, Wraith have a 25% damage reduction from bullet weapons wich hurt when you play as Parnell, not counting the pellets that miss. And of course no shields vs the juggle master is scary too.

Basically, as long as the hunters have a shield (except for Tech Hank) they will likely win, while the monsters got the advantage when there is none.

I like how absolutely no-one voted for Behemoth against his tier. They aren’t wrong though.


I love Behemoth and he’s good against a lot of hunters, but not against these people, they were designed to slaughter his type


Ey, don’t forget Hyde.

I mean, Minigun, sure. I think it’s in a good place, HOWEVAHHH, as decent as it is, a Kraken that darts around like a nutter is gonna be hard to stick on with minigun, imo.
Toxic nades can help with that a little, it’s still kinda ech though.

I don’t even have to mention my reasons behind Flamer being ech VS Kraken too.


I think every tier will slaughter their respective monsters, tier two with this comp will have a lot of trouble.
Especially with Kraken, if Maggie had been tier two trapper like she was originally made around to be. Then it would make for a better and way more exciting fight with Kraken.


I consider Griffin as the only highlight hunter in T2, but they’re facing Kraken. XD