Hunters that you wouldn't pug with


During Alpha I played as the monster mostly, playing as support or healer if I didn’t get monster. One thing I can say for sure, unless I really really just wanted to play as him/unlock Caira, I would not use Laz in a pug group, I found that other hunters would go in for the pick up even if I was nearby. My question is, are there other hunters that you think will work better in a premade group?


Personally, I think premade groups will work around with what they feel works best for them and the team. I was better as a trapper, but usually played medic in our premade because of how we worked together.


I’d say that Parnell might have slight problems. He’s an Assault, sure, personal shield n’all, but he’s highly reliant on others to keep him in the heat of combat. On the other side, he’s Tier 3 for a reason: Not only the player himself needs to understand him, his teammates do as well.

EDIT: I’m starting to notice my grammar’s gone to hell. Time to get off of here for a while.


What I meant was, which hunters do you think will suffer in a pug group? At least at first/on beta


If an average player was playing the Hunter, I would surmise that the following Hunters would be hard for them to play with others.

Parnell - Because he needs to be topped off every so often so you need a good medic.
Laz - People tend to pick people up even with Laz being able to prevent strikes.
Griffin - He has Sound Spikes that take a while to setup so you generally need to get those up ASAP which means you split up and get escorted, or you follow the monster and HOPE that he takes different paths. His Harpoon is also really good for setting up combos and if your team doesn’t take advantage of it, it could be a bad day.

These are the Hunters that I believe will hurt the team if played badly. (Note: Most people will flock to T3 Hunters because they think that if they took the longest to unlock that makes them stronger. This is not so. That being said, a lot of players will be awful with T3 Hunters because they are much more niche than their counter parts)

Caira - She requires good aim and anticipating where the person being healed needs to be. Also, correct usage of the speed burst is important.
Val - People play her like a Sniper from CoD.
Laz - People playing him like Val. He is not a close range Hunter. Learn to wall slide.
Parnell - Spamming your Super Soldier ability isn’t a great idea all the time.
Bucket - Having to keep up with your Hunters because you are sight seeing with you head.
Abe - No way to ‘stop’ the monster. Grenade Spamming can hurt your team more than not having Poons.
Cabot - People not using the Damage beam effectively. Not using the Railgun to peel the Monster off Hunters and/or knows how to shoot through walls.
Hank - Having people think they are going to be shielded and Hank is too busy using his Laser Cutter instead.


Sums up the thread, I guess.



what do you mean by “wall slide”?


If there is a dome down, you tend to want to ride the outskirts. Also, be pretty far from combat. Because Laz doesn’t leave tracers you want to be outside the Monster’s Smell Range. If you are against a wall and not moving too much, it can be very hard for the monster to see you. If you are out in the open, it’s easier to find you.


gotcha, I thought there was some sort of jet pack trick or something that I didn’t know about lol.


No, it’s just a term I use from time to time that I picked up from Ender’s Game.


Very detailed, thanks MaddCow


Sure thing :slight_smile: I also firmly believe that T1 Hunter teams are still very viable. The nice thing is that T1 Hunters don’t really have any glaring weaknesses. They cover tagging, slowing, pooning, area control etc… Very solid. The further up you go the more niche they get. So you need to create instances where your strengths are in your favor, and your weaknesses are not. However, most people will assume that T3 > T1 simply because they are called Tier 3 and/or needed to be unlocked. Most people assume gated content means it’s better when in this game it’s too help ease you into more niche characters.


But that’s actually a thing, it’s not caused by a certain type of player. You literally do have to keep with the others every time you use the UAV.

Unless you do literally mean that someone will actually start sight-seeing with the UAV then that’s just crazy!


I’m not too sure the team composition will be THAT big a deal while pugging. I’m sure there will be some that are a bit better with an organised group than with a pug, but tend to think the problems are vastly overshadowed by other issues. It’s pretty easy to tell people to hold the revives while Laz is up and running. And if your medic doesn’t heal Parnell when Parnell is injured you’ve probably got bigger problems with general lack of healing anyway. I mean thats very basic stuff.

I think by far the biggest issue of pugging with hunters will be getting a team organised to hunt and chase as a unit rather than the actual engagement. I can see players being completely awol when you reach the monster, probably getting eaten by plants after they went off in the opposite direction.


A little of Column A and a little of Column B :stuck_out_tongue: Personally, I would like to see the UAV overhauled so it’s shorter cooldown and flies automated in one direction. Having deployable turrets on someone who tends to be a bit behind the others seems slightly counter intuitive.


This is why I think Abe is the worst Hunter to pug with. If your team doesn’t know how to track a Monster, you’re aren’t going to find him. Tagging monsters isn’t a great strat on trying to find him imo.


Though it is a useful tool for youtubers trying to make cinematic shots :wink:


but those turrets can also keep you vertical while using your floating head. Personally, If I see someone as Bucket, I’m going be on the look out for a lone hunter. Most buckets will pop their head as soon as the game starts. It would be beneficial to leave a false track leading off into the distance and then double back and hide right where the team is dropped. Wait for bucket to pop his head and his teamates to leave the area and you can pounce kill a hunter within the first minute of a match… unless bucket deploys his turrets! I think it’s pretty smart of TRS to add deployable defenses to a hunter who tends to be left behind.


But it doesn’t help him if he’s behind and a Dome engagement happens. By the time he gets there and sets up some turrets and is ready to start using rockets, the Dome is usually on the way down. Having the ability to defend yourself by your lonesome is nice and all, but you could also just have Cabot protect you from anywhere basically if you are in the open and/or have a buddy system :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s defintely a trade off, thats for sure. It’s a fine line when to decide how far away to allow the rest of your team to get.