Hunters still not effective vs Kraken


It’s not really that Kraken is OP, its that a lot of the hunters are not effective vs Kraken. All of the assaults are at their worst vs a Kraken. Like Torvald is a pretty hard counter to Behemoth, there are no assaults that are hard counters to Kraken. Kraken can keep its distance and still near full damage with its abilities and ranged attacks. No other monster has ranged basic attacks. No other monster can body camp a hunter from a distance. When a hunter is incapped it is almost impossible to revive the hunter without making the kraken leave due to incoming damage. The kraken will just hover and fly circles around the hunter and finish the hunter off.

The recent changes to make CC more effective vs Kraken have been pretty negligible from a hunter’s perspective.


The cc will get fixed in the title update


What does CC actually mean I don’t even know…

Anyway @topic yeah I would say Kraken is OP vs the Hunters as they are, it’s virtually impossible to lose Defend 'cause you can just fly there and spam ranged attacks. Trapper puts the dome up? Lightning Strike, Vortex, they’re down and you have more free time to spam blasts.

We need a new Assault with devastating long range, like a laser or something or homing missiles. That would be great. Like if a Medic has targets on the Monster the missiles home in, otherwise basically Parnell’s Rocket Launcher with greater damage but only 3 missiles.

That would be great since Lazarus could just pepper Kraken with targets and he’s getting hit.
Which means he can’t just float there and annihilate the team he has to go kill the Assault or get wrecked slowly but surely.

Trapper with a Stasis Beam would be cool, like damage amp but constant stasis.
Although stasis is kind of overused.

Maybe a new Medic could have some kind of hallucinogenic that jumbles up the controls so you can’t fly or aim properly?


Cc is crowd control. Stasis, poons, etc. they are supposed to bring the kraken to the ground but are broken at the moment.


Ah yeah.
I never had a problem with that before anyway, needs a serious buff.

Maybe Harpoons could siphon electrical energy out of him and make him actually drop to the ground? Instead of just slowly pulling down until they get snapped which takes no time at all.

That would be interesting, of course Griffin would be the ultimate Kraken disposal tool then.


The way they’re supposed to work is exactly like that. When effected he’s supposed to drop to the ground fast so the assault can do his thing. Right now it’s not working.


I’ve noticed that proximity detonation for spore cloud and gas grenades don’t work or are useless against the kracken.


I find Markov and Hyde to be the most convenient and best against Kraken IMO.

Markov because chain lightning destroys banshee mines on the way out of Kraken’s mouth while Hyde and his high DPS composition against aftershock and his Toxic nade air burst just has damage adding up.

Assault rifle damage and minigun plus toxic nade damage is nothing to laugh at.


Nah i think its just players arent effective vs kraken. I dominate most games with kraken unless im up against a good team. Kraken traversals make him easy to spot and land shots on from a distance.
A kraken in your face is easy to hit and not hard to get away from but dodging skills at close range is a nightmare.
A kraken at long range is a hard target to hit. His lightning bolt becomes his main weapon and all of his other skills become near useless because of the long travel time.
A medium ranged kraken fight is where people complain. The kraken is at his optimal point. Skills are effective being hard to dodge and still being hard to hit at this distance.
Instead of fighting the kraken where hes most powerful, why not use terrain to lead him into your damage and kill him that way instead of chasing him to your demise.


here we go again…


pretty much need a static markov caira cabot just to kill it which is pretty stupid because none of the other hunters aren’t viable against it. turtle rock should lower its flight height and actually make his flight have to accelerate instead of bee line zip everywhere so it’s not impossible to hit it with gunfire. atm im just leaving whenever i see kraken because this is stupid as hell.


His ability to bodycamp from range and insane flight speed/distance need nerfs.

But right now he’s the only viable Monster. Because he eliminates kiting cheese and cheesy megaburst comps.


Hes a tugboat yo, he doesn’t need any flight nerfs really


Kraken can jiggle around in the air a lot. Makes it very, very hard to land shots. Especially on characters like Cabot, Crow, Val, etc.


Kraken is soooo huge though, hes fat, slow, and always a hunched target, making him almost as easy to hit as Behemoth.
Have you fought postpatch Kraken when controlled by a player?
Definitely a lot more manageable, not bad really


Have you fought postpatch Kraken controlled by a good player? If you had, you wouldn’t be saying that.

But w/e. Opinions.


As a griffin, I can (and have) poon him repeatedly and its nearly useless. I just machine gun him so with a coordinated team he’s killable. Not at stage 3 though unless the kraken is stupid - no offense to kraken players but its true. His raged abilities can be used at a very safe distance from the relay so closing the distance is purely optional.

On the reverse side, while playing him he’s extremely sluggish even with movement speed, but I guess it takes a consistent kraken player to get his movement down.


When hes melee spamming.
Griffin is effective at countering abilities.
He goes to AS the medic? Harpoon him, cuts off all movement, leaves him helpless.
Lightning strike? Poon him, being stuck in the animation while only going down/towards you makes him a big clean target for your assault to fly up and give him a smooch with his damage dealer.
All other times, I’m on the GR, since his head is just soooo big and the GR is sooooooooo accurate :stuck_out_tongue:
Requires good positioning tho, otherwise he’ll rekt you :stuck_out_tongue:


except kraken stays at the border of the dome anyway preventing you from going behind him making that strat useless


If it remains so far away, then AS is gonna be worthless since when he casts it it’ll do its thang before it reaches you, and if he does reach you, it’ll be easily dodged.

Other abilities will be just as predictable, cutting his damage a good chunk.